Having Fun With Woodworking Projects

woodworking project

Among anyone who has ever worked with wood, fondest among their memories are the school woodworking projects or projects with a member of one’s family. Making inlaid breadboards, fancy tabletops, benches and other things were always a wonderful achievement. Knowing that something was created, with one’s own hands, from a blank piece of wood was always astounding.

There is beauty in any piece of wood. When it can be turned into something that is practical or just plain beautiful it gives the maker a great sense of pride. This concept has been incorporated by the boy scouts and other groups to provide them with this concept, often done as a community service. Making benches or picnic tables for public use is a practical and rewarding use of this hobby.

There are woodworking clubs across the United States where people who enjoy this sort of activity can meet with others regarding this favorite past-time. In addition, there are woodworking magazines that feature full patterns each month for things such as benches, tables, toys and many other items. Many people use their hobby to turn out beautiful gifts for Christmas and other events.

Some people who engage in this hobby have a large workshop, such as a garage. Others only have a small space. Woodworking clubs sometimes join together and have a space where all can come and go to work on their hobby. Regardless of the space it is important that one have dust control for both health and safety.

The type of wood one is working with depends on what one is building and what is available. Second growth woods such as alder, ash, oak, and maple are good woods and easy to obtain. Imported woods, while resulting in beautiful creations, are more expensive and harder to acquire. Other woods that work up very well are hemlock, Douglas fir and pine.

The tools required for this hobby vary, however a saw, with varying sized blades, is basic. Clamps are required as there is a lot of gluing and clamping in woodworking and sandpaper for sanding. Chisels are also required, the size depending on the job. Having a regular tool kit on hand with lots of screws and nails should complete the essentials. Of course, good lighting is crucial and can be provided by windows or overhead lighting.

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