Health Benefits of Kadaknath Chicken and Things to Notice While buying

Health Benefits of Kadaknath Chicken

Kadaknath is an Indian chicken breed that was first originated in Madhya Pradesh. Rural and tribal people of the Bhil and Bhilala community mainly bred the black Kadaknath chicks. The meat of this chicken is approved by the Indian government since 2018 and has a geographical indication or GI tag. Greyish black and golden are the colour of this chicken, and the egg colouris cream. Below you will read the health benefits of kadakanath chicken.

What is Geographical Indication?

Geographical indication or GI is a sign that is used on a particular product of a specific geographical location. This GI tag verifies the product authenticity, quality, and production method. If the product passes all the essential criteria, then the product can get a GI mark.

The Uniqueness of the Kadaknath Chicken

Kadaknath chicken is famous for its unique grey-black colour. It is caused due to the excessive melanin production of this chicken breed. The actual origin of this chicken is Kathiawar alirajapur jungles in Madhya Pradesh. The weight of this chicken is about 1.5 kg to 2 kg. The taste of the egg of this chicken is salty, and it weighs 30 to 356 g.

Health Benefits of Kadaknath Chicken

One can get a huge health benefits of Kadaknath chicken if they buy a farm-fresh Kadaknath chicks wholesaler.

1. This chicken is an excellent source of anti-oxidants that is responsible for promoting body health. Anti-oxidant properties can protect humans from life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

2. Due to the presence of anti-oxidant,this chicken is an excellent option for improving eye health.

3. This chicken is an excellent source of protein that is responsible for muscle growth. Apart from this, it can stabilise the blood sugar level of the human.

4. People with excessive cholesterol can consume this meat without any health issues. It can lower cholesterol levels.

5. This chicken is a unique source of vitamin B and E. Thus; it can improve body metabolism and skin health.

6. It is also a unique source of iron, calcium, amino acids, phosphorus, and iron.

7. Kadaknath chicken has niacin, calcium, protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, and nicotinic acids among others.

Features of the Kadaknath Chicken

The unique features of the Kadaknath chicken are as follows-

1. One day old chicks of the Kadaknath chicken have dark black stripes over the back.

2. Adult chicken of this breed has silver and golden colour.

3. The skin, toes, soles, beak, shanks, and beak have a slate-like colour.

4. The blood of this chicken is darker than regular chicken due to the huge melanin deposition.

The Usefulness of Kadaknath Egg

Kadaknath chicken’s egg is effective in treating headaches and curing the symptoms of asthma. This egg is an effective home remedy for people who have high blood pressure. This egg is also beneficial for regular consumption to get adequate energy.

Process of Choosing Right Kadaknath Chicken Supplier

Kadaknath chicken takes a long time, that is 45 days, to raise into an adult chicken. Even the egg fertility rate of this chicken is also very low. Thus, the cost of this chicken is higher than regular farm chicken. Getting authentic black Kadaknath chicks suppliers is a vital task for the buyers.

Kadaknath chicken takes a long time, that is 45 days, to raise into an adult chicken.

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