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The best memory every person has of their childhood is the time they spend in one of their summer camps. The new location, open surroundings, the open air, exciting journey and the company of lots of other children, make staying away from home worthwhile. Some of the best daycares in Gurgaon always make sure to arrange a summer camp. But it’s not easy, a lot of things need to be taken care of before enjoyment. Choose a good location, arrange the best security measures, and include lots of fun activities that everyone participating will remember for their lifetime are some of them. Are you wondering what activities to arrange to make it more fun and creative? Here are some of the fun ideas every preschool school should include in their summer camp:

  • Campfire:

It is a known fact that there can’t be a summer camp without a beautiful and soulful campfire. A small bonfire where teachers, staff, and kids all sit around in a circle, singing songs and sharing stories is considered one of the best memories of going to camp. Sharing stories during this time is a very thrilling event that helps kids to open up. The teachers and guides at the summer camp should read inspirational stories to the kids to boost their morale. Some fun elements can also be included for the betterment of the mood.

  • Treasure Hunt:

Along with this, a preschool school might choose to organise a small treasure hunt for the kids to participate. With the suspense and a touch of mystery elements, a successful treasure hunt can be organised. The prize does not need to be a real treasure of gold or diamond, a bouquet of candies, toffees, or a bundle of chocolates will be enough to lure the kids out and make them seriously join the hunt.

Plan everything out by going through the area of the camp location. Don’t forget to keep their safety in check. Stationing guides and staff members in different locations will be a good idea. See the level of excitement and smile breaking out in the faces of the kids through this activity.

  • Role Play Games:

A child loves to act like other adults. They wish to grow as big as their parents and teachers so that they can do whatever they think adults do. The summer camps make this wish of the kids come true by playing various kinds of role-playing games. By delivering lines after prepping as the current president or prime minister of the country, or getting ready to save the world as a superhero, kids just love these games! You can create a nice little theme and have a fun evening seeing all kinds of stars collected together for a fun time in your camp. The best daycare in Gurgaon also includes these activities in their weekly session for the kids.

  • Painting & Sketching:

Many times the simplest option is the best one of all. The same is true with drawing & painting. It is one of the most common activities that every daycare in Gurgaon engages in at a summer camp. But, it is also the most beneficial one that brings peace to the children’s hearts. You can arrange for the painting and sketching supplies and have a group art class in the summer camp, where the top three will receive rewards. It will create a kind of healthy competition among the participants making the bar of fun and excitement reach another level. You can also participate with the kids to make them feel important.

Choosing palm or thumb painting will be the better option for a fun time in the summer camp. Origami is also a very good art & craft activity that preschool schools can arrange. It will definitely excite the kids! The unique shapes of the origami and the complicated procedure of making them will keep the children involved and thus, taking care of them will become much easier.

  • Rows Of Competition:

Looking to give your summer camp a deadly start and a flashing end? Then how about arranging a kind of competition for the kids where they will receive a certificate of participation and the winner will get good rewards. You can arrange 4 to 5 small activities such as games, painting competition, singing & dancing competition, etc. and let all the students take part. They will have the best time of their summer days plus they will be too busy to feel homesick. The competition will prove to be the best way for the children to know each other and create a healthy camaraderie between them. Many daycares in Gurgaon also include indoor games in this activity.

These are some of the activities and ideas you can use to increase the fun quota at your summer camp. The best daycare in Gurgaon recommends these activities for the curriculum as well as summer camps for kids, especially the one organised for preschoolers.

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