Here’s What You Need to Know About Internal Linking in SEO!

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The difference between Internal Links and External Links is that in Internal Linking, the user remains on the same domain. They take you from one page to another on the same domain. They are present on almost every website and help in boosting up the engagement of the website.

They eventually help you with your SEO and level up your ranking game. The importance of internal links is not easy to understand, and this is where an SEO Company steps in. These companies help their user understand internal links and their importance. They provide their users with valuable tips in internal linking to increase their rank and engagement. 

Importance Of Internal Linking

Internal linking plays a very vital role in boosting up your website’s ranking. The quality of the internal links defines the relevancy and credibility of your website. The more ranking of your page, the more engagement it will have.

They help the search engines to understand the strategy and the content on your website and help it to show it to other users according to the relevance.

Things To Keep In Mind In Internal Linking 

Keep It Relevant

One of the most basic and essential things to keep in mind while internal linking is relevancy. Make sure that the link that you are adding is relatable to the premium content. Targeting the content that the user is reading will be overall beneficial.

Credibility Of Links 

The second thing to keep in mind is the credibility and authority of the internal link. Adding top-page links can work wonders for your website. Not only they will increase the engagement but also the authority of your website as well. 

Do Not Put Excess Keywords

Another essential thing to take note of is not to add excess keywords in the link. If the anchor text looks or sounds weird, do not add excess keywords to it. You can add another link with the respective keyword but do not put them all together in one.

Monitor The Number Of Links 

No set rule defines the number of links that should be added to a web page. But it is crucial to monitor the number. Excess links can create a mess, and fewer links can make a page less critical. Therefore it is necessary to maintain the exact amount. 75- 100 links should be enough for any industry website and almost 200 links for any E-Commerce one.


To sum it all up, one can say that internal linking helps with your SEO performance; it helps in boosting it up. SEO also helps in levelling up your ranking game on the internet leading to a good engagement. Though it is not always easy to use internal linking or optimize it, various companies provide services that help their customers in this. Several online Social Media Services provide help in internal linking to their customers and increase their ranking.

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