How Can I Import OLM to Mac Mail? – [SOLVED]

Are you thinking about moving from Outlook for Mac to Mac Mail email account? Wondering how can I import OLM to Mac Mail on Mac? If yes, then keep reading the blog because here we will discuss a method that will help users to import OLM to Mac Mail with accurate emails and attachments without data loss.

Outlook for Mac and Mac Mail are two popular email applications of Mac operating system. People from all over the world uses these two email clients to manage large amount of files on a daily basis. They are known for offering world’s best data management facility to users. The functionality of both the programs are similar but supports different storage file formats to save emails, contacts, and calendars. For e.g. if we talk of Outlook for Mac, then it is an email app that provides the export option through which users can extract all the important data items from the account into OLM. Whereas Mac Mail uses .mbox file extension and export the necessary user’s emails in the same.

Sometimes, Mac users need to change their platforms for many professional reasons. There are several users who faces some difficulties when using respective email clients. Moreover, at times, the sudden shutdown of servers, malicious attempts, low storage space pop-up and more pressurise organization to move to a different application as soon as possible. But, the problem is there are plethora of applications available on the internet that confuses users and they not able to decide the right method for themselves. Therefore, here we will be discussing a technique that is totally secure and will help users to import OLM files to Mac Mail in few seconds without affecting the data originality.

Fix – How Can I Import OLM to Mac Mail on Mac?

By using the right method, users can successfully import OLM files to Mac Mail on Mac. The MacMister OLM to MBOX Converter is a perfect utility that is reliable and cost-effective. Anyone, whether professional and non-professional can handle the app independently and import OLM to Mac Mail with emails and attachments without any trouble. Even, the operational steps are simple to use. It will help users to import multiple OLM files to Mac Mail on Mac in a single conversion round.

Moreover, the advanced features and options are useful when a Mac user wants to save OLM files in Mac Mail as per specific requirements. However, the tool is equipped with a freeware version that will help users in gaining the experience of practical process for free.

Working Steps for Importing OLM to Mac Mail

Step 1. Download, launch and open MacMister OLM to MBOX Tool on Mac OS.


Step 2. Use Add File(s)/Add Folders button to upload OLM files on the tool for conversion and then click on Next.


Step 3. The selected OLM files list will appear on the software pane with checkboxes. A user can utilize a checkbox property to save selective OLM files to Mac Mail. Click Next.


Step 4. Choose MBOX from Select Saving Options property.


Step 5. Set the destination path to save MBOX files by clicking on the Browse button and then click on Export to start the process.

Step 6. The process will now go live and then show the current conversion status to users by displaying the Live Conversion window.


The entire process will take few seconds to complete the whole conversion and after that the tool will show “Conversion Completed” message to users. Click OK and go to the location that was selected earlier to save resultant MBOX files. Now, import the same in a required Mac Mail account.

Working Steps to Import MBOX Files to Mac Mail

  1. Open your Mac Mail account and then go to File.
  2. Choose Import Mailboxes…
  3. Pick Files in MBOX format from the Import screen and then click Continue.
  4. Go to the location where the resultant MBOX files are saved. Select them and then hit Choose.
  5. Now, the import procedure will start and in a few seconds, all MBOX files will successfully import to Mac Mail.
  6. The process will finish by enabling the Done Click on the same and close the message.
  7. A new folder named Import will get created on the left navigation pane of the Mac Mail account under On My Mac. Double-click on the same and then the INBOX folder will appear. Click on it and you will see that all its emails will appear as a list on the Mac Mail screen. You can click on a required email and cross-check its originality. However, you will see that each email’s content is accurate and even the formatting properties are appearing without modification.

Why Choosing OLM to MBOX Converter is Beneficial?

There are several reasons for choosing the tool and some of them are listed below:

  • Batch convert OLM files to Mac Mail-supported MBOX format at once.
  • Keeps the data accurate and precise during the entire process.
  • A simplified and User-friendly GUI is easily manageable by technical and novice users.
  • Dual Options are available i.e. Add File(s)/Add Folders to add necessary OLM data on the application for conversion.
  • Allow users to utilize the Set Destination Path property to save OLM to MBOX at the desired location.
  • The tool is verified, reliable, and guarantees precise conversion in less time.
  • Ability to save OLM to MBOX on macOS Ventura and all previous versions.


In the blog, we have discussed a direct approach for importing OLM files to Mac Mail on Mac. The MacMister OLM Converter for Mac is a recommended solution that help Mac users in implementing the process in minimum time. However, the free demo of the application is an advantage with the help of which Mac users can check the conversion process for free. It allows to save first 25 OLM files to Mac Mail on Mac free of cost.


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