How can school franchises in India make education more accessible?

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The density of schools and teacher-student ratio in India has improved majorly over the years, but it is an established fact that the quality of learner achievement primarily depends on the competency of teachers. School franchiser with a solid reputation often provides the necessary pre-service teacher training and ongoing support to their associates. With the changing scenarios in the 21st century, the educational sector in India is evolving and expanding on the back of the franchise model in which both the partners involved get to grow.

Factors that make school franchise India lucrative

School franchising marks a fruitful partnership between a known school brand and the potential investors looking to start something of their own in the education sector. Undoubtedly, it is a win-win business model as both the franchisor and the franchisee benefit through this symbiotic partnership.

● Franchising is an established market for imparting quality education
● It is a great option for potential investors to start new schools but lacking expertise
● A well-defined ecosystem for the growth of the education sector
● Lucrative option for reputed school brands willing to expand their reach

How school franchising helps to make quality education more accessible

In a democratic country like India, an equal opportunity for education to all people, irrespective of gender, class, caste, race and religion is fundamental to the basic idea of freedom and democracy. With a progressive and clear vision, our country has taken numerous initiatives in educating the youth but a lot more still needs to be achieved in this area. At all India level, the current literacy rate stands at 69 percent compared to the global literacy rate that stands at 86.3 percent. Well, the objective can be achieved if we expand the reach of education and one notable way to make it more accessible is through school franchising.

School franchise in India is a blessing for the aspiring edupreneurs who want to open a school but lack experience, resources or enough expertise for doing so. A franchise partnership with a credible brand can help these potential investors to start a school and make education accessible to remote areas and towns and cities.

As mentioned earlier, the teacher-student ratio in Indian schools has improved over the years, but there is still a shortage of great teachers. A franchiser with a long legacy in the education field can provide the necessary training support to its partner. This helps build teacher competency which ultimately improves the learning experience for the student in classes.

Further, for a school to run successfully, proper academic planning, marketing and promotions, affiliation formalities, curricular structuring, regular audits and IT support are required. With that said, there are numerous schools in semi-urban and rural locations that often don’t have access or expertise to perform these functions seamlessly. However, in the school franchising model, a franchisor provides 360 degree support in day to day operations to its partner school.

The school franchising model involves a division of costs that leads to fewer chances of financial risk for both the franchisee and the franchiser. While the franchisee has to make an initial fixed investment and meet certain conditions regarding the structure of the school building, he/she is saved from the costs involved in marketing and promotion, teacher training, business planning as it is the franchisor who undertakes these activities. Thus, the school franchise model increases the chances of the school’s success.

Lastly, in the capacity of the franchisers, many big school brands in India often undertake corporate social responsibility initiatives. Such initiatives are focused on promoting quality and equality in education. Sometimes these campaigns are even planned to support the education of backward castes or classes. Therefore, these initiatives ensure that education is accessible to one and all!

Future growth opportunities for school franchising model in India

Considering that India has over 250 million school going students, more than any other country, it is obvious that the educational sector calls for the need for more quality educational institutes. Taking particularly about the rural area, despite high demand for schools, there is no proper infrastructure, availability of electricity and water and sanitation facilities. Therefore, the need for quality education in rural areas is particularly evident. This creates opportunities for the school franchising model to prosper in India.

Children’s education and health are probably the two most crucial things in both rural and urban areas of India that no parent is likely to compromise. Further, the Indian education market is expected to grow up to USD 225 billion by 2025. With 26.31 percent of India’s population in the age group of 0-14 years, there is a huge opportunity for the education sector to grow.

Partner with Shri Educare for the best education franchise

The school franchising model which involves a beneficial partnership will be an emerging opportunity in the education sector in the years to come. As more and more established brands are entering the education sector, franchises from rural areas are looking to partner with them and make the most of their experience. Besides, private edupreneurs and the government are also investing heavily in the education sector with a motive to make quality education accessible to all across the country.

When you partner with Shri Educare for opening a school franchisee, you not only get to partner with a reputed brand but also benefit from professional mentoring services in regards to infrastructure, teacher recruitment, teaching aids and promotional and marketing support. Basicallt, our expert will help you at all stages of launching and operating the school.

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