How Can We Eat Parathas and Still Keep Our Health Balance?

Paneer Paratha

Parathas are indulgent and traditionally delicious food. We always categorize parathas in the class of fast foods and unhealthy foods. But instead of thinking of it as fast food, we can transform it into a health booster. Have an indulgent food experience by having a healthy breakfast like curd, chutney, or panner stuffing in parathas.

Now, you can start your weight loss journey without compromising your daily breakfast. Enhance your fitness by escaping the food items that are doing nothing to your health and choose the food with worthful benefits.

Firstly, you should consider the components of paratha and have a brief analysis about further addition or cutting of components to make a healthy twist in it. For making a good paratha, we rely on flour dough, oil, butter, ghee, paneer, and other stuffing. Next, you may replace some components with healthier options at local shops.

Here, we can initiate our weight loss journey by uniquely exploring parathas.

The Flour: You should go with whole wheat for having important minerals, vitamin B, and fibre. But buckwheat flour is a more reliable and healthier food material to go with. You may relieve from the thick waist and huge weight by having whole wheat or its components.

Another great option is to have multigrain parathas from Paneer Paratha Manufacturer in Pune. Even you can make it in the home by mixing ground flour with bajra, ragi, jowar, etc. For more calcium content, you may try with rajgira atta as well. You will get high nutritional value with less fat content.

The Stuffing: It is best to use separate and seasonal fillings in the parathas. You may make a spring roll, egg roll, or paneer roll with it. The people who are vegetarian highly rely on Paneer Paratha Supplier in Pune.

It is a practical health hack to have the best stuffing. Just pre-cook the stuffing rather than frying it in excessive oil.

Do not try to make this stuffing unhealthier and richer. North Indian people like daal, paneer, gobhi, and other options as per our Indian tradition. We want to change our taste with healthier options. Activate your taste buds with such reliable options in your parathas.

You may try mushrooms, beetroot, and other vegetables to have a unique look and taste.

Cooking Oil: You need to use the best quality oil for making parathas healthier. Buy silicon brush for spreading the oil over the pan.

You may try olive oil, soybean oil, coconut oil for having a heart-healthy flavour with superior digestion. Check your labels before proceeding with any oil.

Cook dry paratha and then apply some butter on it is also a favourable option. Even try it with tandoor as well with inside paneer and oil stuffing as well.

Here, we can see various Paneer Paratha Importers in India from whom we regularly order parathas for our guests. There are no other options in dinner except healthier parathas. For acquiring more knowledge, you may read these blogs on the internet.


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