How do I Open an MBOX File in Thunderbird on Mac?

Are you a Mac user and finding an approach to open the MBOX file in Thunderbird on Mac? If yes, then be here and get the appropriate migration solution to open the MBOX to Thunderbird email client on macOS.

There are a plethora of email applications that uses MBOX file type to save their email database. Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, Apple Mail, etc. are some popular clients who store their multiple email files in a single MBOX folder. The best thing about the MBOX format is that it is compatible with both Windows and Mac and users can make use of this file type to save their emails locally.

But as we all know that nothing is perfect, so, besides its numerous benefits, the major drawback is that it is not an independent file format. It requires the support of email applications to be opened and viewed. And, due to this, at times, users face such situations that they are unable to understand how to export it to a particular mail client or how to access its data properly on Mac. Therefore, users using the Thunderbird mail app on Mac get worried sometimes and confused about how to open an MBOX file in Thunderbird.

So, in the following blog, we have discussed the import process manually as well as highlighted the automated solution for the same.

Manual Process to Open MBOX File in Thunderbird

If you are using Mac OS, then follow the steps listed and know the process to open MBOX file in the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird on Mac.
  2. Go to the Tools tab and hit the Import option.
  3. Select Mail from the pop-up window and press Next.
  4. Click Apple Mail appearing in a window and click Next.
  5. Once the import process completes, the Apple Mail folder name will be shown in Thunderbird. Clicking the same will show the list of all the files imported.

Automated Process to Access MBOX File in Thunderbird

MBOX Converter for Mac is a quick and easy-to-understand approach, suitable for both technical and non-technical clients. The friendly GUI and remarkable features will help users to implement the process as per their requirements. The application performs fast processing and gives an accurate result within seconds. Using Mac MBOX Converter, users are free to directly open MBOX files in Thunderbird. The originality will be the same as before and even the process will save users time and effort. You can get the complete picture of the tool processing by downloading the free demo version of the application.

Step-by-Step Process to Read MBOX File in Mozilla Thunderbird

Step 1. Run MBOX to Thunderbird app on Mac.


Step 2. Load desired MBOX files with the help of Add Files and Add Folder button. Click Next.


Step 3. The count of the MBOX file will be listed with checkboxes. By using the checkbox, users can import selective MBOX files and open the same in the Thunderbird application. Click Next.


Step 4. By clicking Select Saving Option, choose the Thunderbird option.


Step 5. Apply Thunderbird sub-options and press an Export button when done.

Step 6.  The app now starts the conversion process and shows its report on the screen. When the tool completely finishes the entire procedure, the message will immediately pop up “Conversion Completed”. Click OK.


You can now go to the Thunderbird application or file location of Mozilla Thunderbird to check the resultant file. The formatting structure of email files will be in an exact position as were before the migration.


The entire post provided strong and useful techniques to open the MBOX files in the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. Users can use both approaches and apply the suitable one. However, it is recommended to use the manual method when files do not carry any confidential detail and are low in the count. You can use the direct method when you have large confidential files to open quickly. Moreover, no matter which process you choose, make sure to take a backup of your MBOX files first to save yourself from any misshapen.

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