How is NABH accreditation helpful for hospitals?

NABH accreditation consultant in India

In a world driven by competition, the Medical industry is no exception. With every major hospital vying for a piece of the medical tourism pie its become vital for these establishments to seek National and International quality certifications, as now even Indian Patient’s expectations have increased. Due to this motive, several National and International Certification bodies have been set up that offer accreditation to the hospital if they meet the criteria of healthcare. NABH is the nation’s governing body that ensures the hospitals are doling out quality medical care via its rules. 

NABH -is a constituent body of the Quality Council of India which was founded to offer certification to healthcare organizations founded on their adherence to quality rules. It is also an official member of the ISQua-International Society for Quality in Healthcare. ISQua’s endorsement validates that NABH’s ideals adapt to the global standards set by it.

What advantages accrue from a NABH accreditation

A NABH accreditation has the following advantages

The certification benefits all those who are involved in either getting care or working in the hospital. It ensures that the patients are safe and are in receipt of precise medical care. It also ensures that the patient is getting the proper medical care from trained medical professionals.

The certification ensures that the hospital processes are continually improving. It also ensures that the hospital is committed to providing top-quality medical services. This boosts the confidence of the hospital employees who are at the forefront of providing these services.

Also, a NABH certification allows the hospital to impanel insurance companies. The rising advent of Indians opting for Medical insurance not only increases the hospital revenue but also allows the hospital to provide appropriate and reasonable healthcare amenities for all.

What is the validity of the NABH Certificate?

Every certificate is valid for 2 years. The hospital will require to resubmit its documents to extend its accreditation. The NABH office carries out surveillance of the facility and visits it every 2 years to ensure that the set-up is following its guidelines.


What are the steps a hospital needs to follow for a NABH certification?

The hospital will require to follow the following steps

  1. It will first require to get a copy of the NABH certification rules and conduct a self-assessment or employ a NABH consultant to do on its behalf.
  2. It needs to go over the general information manual that is available on the NABH website.
  3. The hospital can glance through its knowledge program to collect better knowledge about NABH accreditation.
  4. Though it must be stated here that the NABH body does not offer any consultancy services but hospitals can seek the help of NABH consultants in India. The NABH review team will scrutinize the application, and carry out a medical assessment process and appraisal of the facility seeking accreditation.
  5. If the quality standards are met by the hospital the team will recommend that it receive the accreditation. If the standards are not met, the hospital will be required to take corrective actions and go in for one more appraisal. 
  6. On receiving the assurance that the hospital is meeting all its quality standards an accreditation certificate is given by NABH.

Today a NABH Accreditation is a necessary facet for every hospital as it states that the Hospital is in conformance with all quality and regulatory standards.

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