How Much is Child Support?

Child Support Lawyer

According to the policy and legal procedure, child support is financial assistance for the children provided by the parents. The parents need to provide child support even if the children are not living with them.

The law also says child support is provided by the custodial parent to the noncustodial parents so that the children’s growing up is properly maintained.

But the question is, how much is the child support?

The amount of money you need to pay as child support is determined by several factors, including the payor’s income. Then again, you may ask- what happens if I don’t pay child support in Canada?

In the following section, we’ll break down all the answers along with other information related to child support in Canada.

How Much is Child Support?

Child support is the right of children. In Canada, child support is mostly determined through the process of custody and access arrangement. The main motto of the child support law in Canada is that all children need to be benefited from their parents financially.

The process includes that the legal authority needs to be very satisfied with the financial arrangement of the children. And normally, you need to ensure all of these things before the divorce is completed.

In fact, the jurisdiction decides who will pay child support.

The authority decides who will pay the child support considering.

  • Parent with higher income/ obligor
  • Parent with lower income/oblige

In the case of joint custody, the children have two custodial parents both the father and mother need to pay the child support.

Who needs child support?

If your child is under age and unable to live freely for illness or disability, they need to maintain school fees. For the legal procedure, you may need to pay child support.

Now the question is—

How much child support will you need to pay?

It depends on a few crucial issues like:

  • Income of the parent
  • Child residency arrangement
  • Child number
  • Place of residency/ province or territory

The government set regulation generally determines the money you need to pay, and the table set is impacted by the following issues:

  • Parents’ gross income
  • Living cost
  • Income tax for the province or territory you live
  • Basic amounts families spend on child care

The issue mentioned above can impact the process.

How much is the child support?

You need to pay child support according to the child support guideline table. Sometimes, you may also need to pay more than the table amount according to the court order. The child support amount is not taxed.

How can be child support agreement created?

  • Mutual agreement
  • By the legal ruling by the judge in the court

There are various ways to calculate child support payments. Many a time, jurisdiction considers multiple sources of information.

Below we have provided a general overview of child support amount in the table:

Source Link

per year
1 child:
per month
2 children:
per month
3 children:
per month

The amount of child support may vary from province to province.

If you want, you can take help from a child support calculator.

Final Thought

According to the law, child support helps maximize the children’s benefit upon the child support agreement. And under the supervision of the legal authority, the concerning parents are obligated to provide the child support, and there’re consequences if you fail to meet those.

However, there are options for the parent who goes through hardship, and the condition seems unmanageable. And how much child support also varies under those conditions as a parent.

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