How to Avoid Failure in the MOT Test?


The MOT test stands for the Ministry of Transport. This is a vital part of road maintenance in the UK. Every driver has to face this test to get the MOT certificate. This certificate makes it clear that the car has no serious mechanical faults.

If you are celebrating the third anniversary of your vehicle, you have to prove that it is still roadworthy and safe. You can do it by registering at a nearby MOT center. There are more than 20,000 test centers across the country and you can visit a center of your choice.

During the test, the tester is going to several parts of your vehicle. The most common parts that are checked during the test are lights, fluids, steering, tires, and suspension. According to the MOT test management, a car may have three types of faults called minor, major, and dangerous.

It is easy to understand that a car is going to pass its test if it is found to have not faults. It is possible you get an advisory if your car has minor faults. According to this advisory, you have to remove the minor issues as soon as possible. Generally, a car with a minor issue clears its test.

A car with major issues fails an MOT because of its faults. You have to repair your car with the help of a mechanic if you want to sit again in the test. If you do not wish to repair your car with the help of the mechanics of the MOT center, you can choose your own garage for the Car Service Airdrie .

A vehicle with dangerous faults will also fail the test. In this case, you cannot drive your car to another garage even for the repairs. However, you can get your car to the garage with the help of a towing vehicle.

How to Avoid Failure in the MOT Test?

This is actually an important question. Every driver is looking for some tips and tricks to clear the MOT tips. There is no shortcut here. However, if you want to increase the chances of success in the test, you should maintain and service your car regularly. You must check and repair the following parts of your car if you want to avoid failure:

Do not Use the Wrong Tyres

If you want to clear the MOT test, do not use the wrong tyres or inappropriate tyres. You must have your tyres with the correct size that is usually specified in your user guide. You can make the comparison easily by looking at the sidewall of your desired tyres. You must fit the same tyres on the same axle. You should not mix the brands and features of the tyres.

Drive with Proper Tread Depth

If you want to avoid failure, drive your car with the correct tread depth. In the UK, the legal limit for the tread pattern is 1.6mm. Do not visit the MOT Airdrie center if your tyres do not have sufficient tread.

Check the Condition of Your Tyres

The tester is going to check the physical condition of your tyres. If your tyres are cracked, punctures, or bulged, he will not allow you to have the certificate.

Check your Lights

The test is going to check the headlights of the car along with other lights as well. Make sure all lights are working and they are positioned correctly in their place.

Driver’s View

A clean and dust-free windscreen will make the tester satisfied. Check the windscreen wipers as well for their function.

Check the Car’s Fluids

Before the test, you have to check that all the fluids in the car are at their proper level. Fill them up to the optimum level if your mechanic advises you to do so.

If you cannot check all these parts with your own efforts, you can plan to have a full car service with your nearby garage. It will be a good idea if your mechanic eliminates hidden issues from the vehicle.

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