How to Backup Google Photos to Hard Drive?

google photos backup

If you’re worried about losing your Google photographs, you’ve come to the correct place. In this technical article, we will teach you how to manually backup Google Photos to a hard disc. We will also go through the automatic method for transferring Google Photos to an external hard drive.

This tutorial will go through how to backup Google Photos to your system’s hard disc. As a result, you will learn how to immediately save several photographs from Google Photos to your computer hard disc.


Google’s policy, however, has altered effective of June 1, 2021. Google will no longer offer limitless free storage space for high-quality images. According to the new policy, high-quality submitted photographs will be added to your account storage capacity. All of the photographs will be original quality images. As a result, in the following part, we will go through various methods for properly downloading Google images.

The Best Methods for Backing Up Google Photos to an External Hard Drive

You may download single or more photographs from Google Photos to your hard drive via the official website. So, in the following section, we will describe all of the available methods for saving photographs from Google Photos to an external hard drive.

Data from Google Photos can be downloaded

1. Google Photographs is a web application that allows users to easily upload and download photos. If you need to back up a few files, you can utilise this online tool. You must manually choose your files for this.

2. To sign in, input your Google Username and password.
3. Go to Google Apps and choose Google Photos.

4. Select the photos you wish to download and then click the More choices button.

5. Then, select the Download option to save all Google Photos to your hard drive.

This will successfully download your Google photographs into your PC in ZIP file format.

Using Google Takeout, you can save data

Using the Google takeaway technique, users may backup Google  emails with attachments Photos to a hard drive at once. It allows you to export the data stored in your Google account. You must follow the step-by-step procedure to do this.

1. Enter your Id and Password to access your Google Mail account.
2. Go to your profile image/icon and choose Manage your Google Account.
3. In the Data & Privacy page, select the Download your Data option.
4. Deselect all of the things on the Google Takeout page and then select Google Photos. Next, click the button.
5. Then, choose Send the Download Link through Email as the Delivery Method.
6. Next, set the Frequency to Export Once and pick the File Type & Size.
7. Tap the Get icon after clicking the Create Export button to download your data.
8. Tap the Sign-in button after entering your Gmail password.
9. Finally, open the Google Takeout email and save your data.

Both of the ways described above allow users to manually backup Google photographs to a hard disc. However, the manual approach is time-consuming for the consumers. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the whole data set will be downloaded. As a result, we urge that consumers go the professional route and backup their Google photographs to an external hard drive immediately.

Using the G Suite Backup Tool, download all Google Photos to your hard drive

Softaken Google Backup Tool is a quick and easy solution to backup all of your Google mail things such as emails, images, contacts, calendars, and so on. The programme converts Gmail items to a variety of file formats, including PST, PDF, MBOX, MSG, and many others. This programme also efficiently backups Google Photos. In addition, the application has a variety of features that improve the backup process.

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Key Features of Google Apps Backup Tool

  • Google Apps Backup is a one-click programme.
  • Backup Google Apps emails with attachments and attached photos also a Windows-based programme.
  • All emails may be downloaded into a number of file extensions using software.
  • PST, EML, MSG, EMLX, and MBOX files can be used to store emails.
  • Email attributes that should be obtained are To, CC, BCC, Attachments, and Messages Body.
  • All Windows versions were supported.

The following are the steps for backing up the G Suite Backup solution:

1. Launch Google Apps Backup Pro Tool on your Windows device.
2. Enter your Gmail address and password for Google Apps.

G suite to Outlook
3. Select whether to backup a single folder or all folders.

G suite to Outlook
4. Choose the Export option.

G suite to Outlook

5. Set an output directory in which to save the backup data.


In the preceding piece, we explored the best methods for backing up Google photographs to a hard drive. However, there are a few issues in the manual approach that cause consumers to choose the alternate technique. As a result, we propose that customers utilise the best alternative approach, which is the G Suite Backup Tool, which backups all Gmail items to the computer’s external hard drive.

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