How to Choose a Farming Consultant and How to Evaluate the Information They Give You

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Do we know that farmers’ counselling and education are state supported and considered one of the priorities in the EU countries? Consultation of agricultural entities, as a public policy instrument, seeks to increase the ability of farmers and other rural residents . It helps them to get benefit from the EU structural fund subsidies and to improve environmental conditions. The goals and priorities of the counselling activity are determined by the EU, as are national agricultural policies, rural development objectives, and the economic situation and needs of farmers related to these processes.

How to Choose a Farming Consultant

Farm proprietors want every area of benefit they can find, particularly in recent times of monetary volatility and conversion dynamics. Many farm proprietors are looking for out-of-the-door recommendations from expert specialists to assist them in a single or extra areas of their farm business, starting from financials to technology, agronomy, and control skills.

What are the most important factors for farmers choosing consulting services?

The most important factors for farmers’ selecting agricultural consulting services are:

  • counselling content
  • technique for counselling
  • the length of counselling.

Agricultural experts are expert problem-solvers and advisers hired by the rural community. Clients encompass farmers, growers, landowners, conservation groups, and public bodies. Agricultural experts offer recommendations on all subjects regarding the possession and profession of land and rural businesses.

They can concentrate on providing agricultural-related consultancy services to individual farmers, groups, and organizations, as well as liaising with relevant government departments on EU and other nation-funded schemes managed by the Irish and UK governments.

How Should You Assess Their Information and Work?

The evaluation of the information and work of the farming consultant should be done by considering the following points:

  • What types of services and resources do they provide for you?
  • What is their experience and expertise?
  • What results did they give you in the first 3 months?
  • How are they assisting and advising you with implementation of your recommendations? In what way are they taking accountability?
  • How many other firms did they work with?
  • What value are they bringing to your work after they get hired?


                                            Farmus Community 

Farmus is a community and eco farm in Gurugram. We provide farming consultancy and assistance, focusing on organic farming.

Our mission is to grow a sustainable, organic, and sustainable food system in India through education, research and innovation.

We believe that the best way to achieve this is through looking beyond the growing season and working to ensure that our food system remains sustainable year round.

We provide farming consultancy and assistance to empower farmers with the knowledge and skills they need to improve their farms and livelihoods.

Our mission is to support community and organic, who are often marginalized, by providing them with the best possible practices for sustainable agriculture. We believe that by working together . So,  that we can create a more just world where everyone has access to nutritious food.

We want all people to have access to healthy, local food—and we want that food to taste amazing! Our vision is  that if you grow your own food, you can make sure it’s the right kind of organic soil; if you know how to plant seeds properly, your crops will grow faster; if you know how to harvest them at the right time, they’ll be tastier than ever before.

In addition to providing farm management services, we also offer classes on organic farming techniques and crop rotation, as well as seed selection and sowing schedules.  Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality, fair-priced services.

That’s why we work with farmers all over NCR  because we believe in giving back so that everyone has access to our sustainable agriculture solutions!

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