How to choose the right business insurance plan for your business

As an entrepreneur, you have worked hard spending your money, time and efforts to build your business. Hence it is a topic of top priority to protect your business from any risks or situations threatening its continuance, stability and health. Business insurance plans help protect your business from wide range of liabilities by covering he cost of lawsuits and other obligations that might crop up from time to time. Choosing the right kind of business plan for your business can be a tricky task. There are different kinds of business plans and the right one for your business can depend on the type of your business. While purchasing business insurance plans, you must go by the understanding that there are industry-specific insurance plans to choose from.

The coverage a landscaping firm will need
Landscaping companies must typically look into buying business insurance plans that have room for off-premises operations. Such a type of coverage can help compensate the income if you cannot run your business due to the equipment going wrong or damaged at the job site where you worked. One another useful coverage you can think of is herbicide or pesticide Insurance coverage. This kind of cover can help make up for the costs you will incur on account of the pollution that the pesticides or herbicides you used have caused.

What kind of coverage will suit real estate businesses
The most important business insurance plan a real estate company will need is commercial auto insurance. This kind of cover will compensate the situation when an employee has caused an accident while commuting for work. The other two kinds of protection a real estate business can think of procuring are employment practices liability (EPL) and employee benefits liability (EBL) plans.

EPL comes to cover the costs of a claim that an employee can make regarding wrong termination, harassment, discrimination or other employment related issues. In the event of your company committing mistakes like errors or omissions in administering the employee benefits plan, EBL will come to rescue.

Retail businesses and their insurance needs
A beneficial insurance idea for retail businesses is to add their business income from dependent properties and franchise upgrade. The coverage termed as ‘Business Income from Dependent Properties’ can cover the loss of income in the event of a third party connected to your business leading to your business loss. For instance, if you have to lose business due to the shutting down of a manufacturer who is a vendor supplying your raw materials, this kind of coverage can benefit you.

The purpose of ‘Franchise Upgrade’ coverage is to pay for the costs required to upgrade your retail store for the sake of having to meet the franchise standards following a covered accident.

Insurance coverage restaurants will need
Restaurants and other businesses in the food service industry can hope to protect themselves by getting covered under Liquor Liability and Temperature Change insurance. If your restaurant is serving liquor, you are at a great risk. If your patron serving liquor happens to cause a fire accident, this kind of insurance plan will cover the costs of a claim arising on account of such a situation. The purpose of a ‘Temperature Change coverage’ is to protect the business in the event of a refrigerator unit breaking and causing spoilage.

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