How To Enhance The Car Battery Life?

Car Battery Rotherham

Imagine running late for your meeting, and when you try starting your car, you realize all the lights have been running the whole night. Therefore, completely draining out the battery. This is a complete nightmare, and every car owner has at some point in time faced trouble with car batteries. There is a lot of information you will get to hear about Car battery Rotherham; however, some can be helpful while some only create miscommunication.

Car batteries usually last for 5 years, but there is no guarantee that they will not break down before. To make sure it does not happen often, it is crucial to take care of the car battery so that its lifetime is extended. Here are the top ways by which you could extend your car’s battery life. 

Short Trips Do Not Often Require Your Car

Every time you switch on your engine, your car battery is undergoing a workout, helping your engine recharge so that it can run the whole time efficiently. Every time you drive your car for a short time, it gets difficult for the car battery to regain the huge amount of energy it had lost. This can impact the car battery voltage, and it will slowly reduce until it cannot start any longer or charge the engine.

Try to walk for a shorter distance like the supermarket or to the neighbourhood lane. Drive for a longer period so that the vehicle’s battery is maintained for longer. However, if you are someone who does not use their car a lot, ensure you invest in a quality battery charger which would help in maintaining the right voltage of the battery.

Reduce Using Electronic Components If The Ignition Is Not On

There is a device present in your car known as the alternator which uses the engine rotation to charge up your vehicle’s battery. However, the alternator can only function when the rotator is on, which again only functions when the engine is running. If the ignition is not on, and the electrical components like the lights and AC are switched on, this will put the entire load on the battery.

Try minimising the usage of these electrical components when the ignition is not turned on. Using battery energy like this adversely impacts the battery and can reduce the lifespan of your car battery costing you more. Battery energy can be used for smaller loads- ECU or even spark plugs.

Keep The Car Battery Clean

Make sure that you clean the battery of your vehicle every few weeks. Even though not completely exposed, it is important to keep your car battery clean as dirt and grime can easily get accumulated. This can even cause a mild short circuit which can damage the battery further.

With time, the car battery terminals start corroding, cleaning them up ensures there is no unnecessary buildup, and this extends the battery life. Use a toothbrush to scrub it, using a mixture of water alongside baking soda. Rinse it thoroughly using cold water in a spray and dry it out using a clean cloth.

Minimise Heat Exposure

There is a misconception that the cold is known to kill batteries. Your battery indeed has to work harder to create enough energy to start the engine during winter, but that is not the reason behind the breakdown of the battery. It is due to the damage it has undergone during the harsh summer climate. Extreme heat can be tough on the battery as the rate of evaporation increases during that time. The cold brings out the weaknesses of the battery.

You have to ensure the battery does not heat up tremendously. Keep it away from direct heat; use a shaded garage. If possible, insulate the battery after talking to professionals.

Try checking the voltage of the battery every month. These are some of the ways by which you could easily extend the car battery Rotherham life; therefore, getting your money’s worth and keeping it road-ready every time.

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