How to Get Started with Custom Packaging Design for Electronic Products?

custom packaging

Electronic brands invest heavily in their products; research, production, and assembling consume a large proportion of time and costs. Custom packaging is another business aspect that must also be employed correctly to reap fruitful returns.

Businesses don’t just want to make profits; they want to thrive in their markets. Every inch of effort put in is aimed at cultivating the highest level of brand loyalty and repeat purchases. So, what is it that sparks a sustainable sales level?

Research has time and again indicated the outer packaging as the biggest factor that draws in brand growth. The electronic markets experience new product launches almost every other fortnight. New entrepreneurs enter the industry to gain from expanding opportunities at the marketplaces. But survival depends on how well the brands capture customers’ imagination and persuade them of the company’s worth.

What is custom-made packaging?                                   

Customized boxes burst onto the scene a couple of decades ago. Commercialization of major industries prompted more output levels and hence, the need to have a separate brand identity. Boxes were made to last longer and depict the brand through logos, titles, graphics, etc.

Modern-day box designs have taken to the next level. They are created specifically for the core audience by incorporating high-tech printing methods. The physical box dimensions are also created professionally to be more suitable and durable.

Better box construction has led to increased e-commerce. Electronic items, no matter how fragile or sensitive, can be shipped to all desired locations. A lot of custom box material choices make it easy to employ the right one for the specific distribution channel.

For instance, cardboard and corrugates are used to create custom printed shipping boxes. Kraft paper is used more on in-store displays and brands that look for affordable options. Rigid stock conveys a premium brand image and goes well with high-end electronic items like watches and smartphones.

How to earn a desirable brand repute?

Whether you sell electronic products at physical retail shops or through e-commerce or a blend of both, you need to have packaging that supports your products and branding objectives.

But what does it take to obtain that perfect box look? If you are new to this industry, you need to be mindful of certain ground rules before you settle for a particular box for your products. We have it summarized so you don’t miss out a thing:

  1. Safety is the top priority

It starts from the box. Your customers would only appreciate other branding elements when they get their electronic products in functional forms. Nothing adds more value to the brand image than repeatedly safe shipment. Customers trust their favorite brands primarily because they can be assured of receiving the products in good condition.

Firstly, you must:

  • Measure the products.
  • Determine the safety gear required.
  • Identify the distribution channel involved.

You can pick corrugated paper for shipping. The stock is globally lauded for its performance and capability in being customized for all product types. Every box space is made-to-order. This means that you can get medium to large containers for bigger products and smaller units for relatively small electronics. Custom box densities allow even the heaviest items to be stored and transported conveniently.

custom packaging
  • Select suitable box material

Not every paper stock can be used for every kind of custom packaging. You don’t have to create conventional and boring box shapes. Innovative shapes are possible to craft with modern printing methods.

If you are operating in the market for identical electronics, customizing the box shapes would work to present your products prominently. You can use cardboard paper as it is highly flexible and can take numerous creative forms. Anything from auto-lock bottoms, to display boxes, and gable shapes are possible to achieve.

Moreover, if shipping is your main selling channel then the corrugated stock can be molded into one-piece mailers, folding cartons, and more. Since customers judge the products by their packaging, it makes sense to use out-of-the-box shapes to stand apart.

  • Work on giving the best experience

The shopping experience is what differentiates one-time sales from customer loyalty. You must focus on the box design that gives better customer satisfaction.

The ideal boxes are a combo of glamour and thrill. You can add several components to enthrall your customers.

  • Using colors. Boxes printed with suitable colors add character to the brand image and makes the boxes more attractive.
  • Custom locks. These are fun to open and offer a retainable quality that stays with customers for a long time.
  • Personalized messages. These engage customers and impart more brand worth.
  • Custom trays. You may include this if your product comes in parts. The trays give enhanced product presentations.

Any other custom additions also add to the ‘unboxing’ experience. You can have a look at your competitors’ packaging to understand the market norms.

  • Cultivate brand awareness

Every custom detail must be aimed at expanding your branding and making more customers familiar with it.

The overall box look must resonate with your brand image. You must pick colors that complement your brand logo. The font sizes and shades must also be easy to read. The box space needs to be well used for conveying essential branding details.

All the custom features must be consistent for customers to spot your boxes wherever they see them.

  • Stay within the defined limits

As much as you desire, going overboard with your budget is not possible. You have to use the resources at your disposal to minimize losses and liabilities.

This includes picking biodegradable box stock that is customer-pleasing and cost-effective. Using third-party box makers is a wise way to put your limited finances to productive use. The boxes are made on time by professionals and so your production times can also be trimmed down.


Working on electronics custom packaging becomes easy with these guidelines. The overall box styling determines how you want customers to see your brand. It is a good opportunity to shine through the crowd.

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