How to Hire a Freelance Web Developer?

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One of the most trending topics in the world of freelance is web development. Recent studies indicate the creation of approximately 760 websites every 2 minutes. This indicates that among st the various skills that are sought after in freelancing, HTML developers are leads the on-demand list. Engaging a freelance web developer and web designer means entrusting them with the task to make your website alive and kicking.

In today’s business scenario, making your presence online is not just enough; you need to have a functional website to maintain the growth of your business. It is important to ensure that website is optimized properly so that there are no issues for the user’s, search engines, and crawlers.  Therefore a web developer plays an important role in the creation of a successful website. It is their sole responsibility to ensure that the website continues to run smoothly.  Before we get into how to hire a freelance web developer  NYC, let us first take a look at what they do, how they work, and the types of developers you might require.

Types of Web Developer

Most web developers have proper knowledge about programs and the programming languages such as JavaScript and HTML. They also have skills in project management and strong communication skills. Nevertheless, each developer will have their own specialization. It can be in terms of the types of sites or industries. Generally, web developers can be classified into the following three categories:

Front-End Developers

Front-end developers are those that focus on those parts of the website that are visible. These developers must have in-depth knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. It is their responsibility to make the website responsive, readable, and clickable on all platforms. HTML is the language that allows developers to add content to the website. While CSS is the tool that is used for creativity and styling the content.

Back-End Developers

Back-end developers are those that are responsible for building the website and maintaining the infrastructure that helps in the proper functioning of the website. Their role is tougher as it involves the technical aspects such as the APIs, Scripts, databases, etc. They also need to ensure that the website they are developing is SEO friendly and efficient. They should be well-verse in coding languages such as Ruby, Python, PHP, and SQL.

Full Stack Developers

Full-stack developers are those that are experts in both back-end and front-end skills. Having a full-stack developer on board is more beneficial. Most businesses may prefer to hire front-end and back-end developers. However, if you want a developer that can work on building a complete website then hiring a full-stack developer is the best option. It will be an added bonus for your project as they have skills and experience in various areas of web development.

How is Web Development Different from Web Design?

Web development and web designing are two different things. No doubt the skills of the professionals may intertwine in the sense that both need to have an understanding of certain software and coding knowledge as well. Following are some of the differences that may help you in differentiating the two:

Web Designers

  • Their main role is to play with colors, page style, and imagery and create an overall concept of the website so as to bring it to life.
  • They are responsible for the creation of videos, design wireframes, logos, and Infographics to make the content interactive.
  • Affinity designer, adobe illustrator, and Photoshop are the software they work on.
  • Although they are not involved with the coding, they work in coordination with the developers.

Web Developers

  • The developers are responsible for bringing the designer’s concept and files to live by creating the codes.
  • They may not be involved with the designing phase however they need to communicate with designers to determine those that are feasible for the website.
  • There are some professionals that are equipped with both designing and developing skills.

Things to Do Before Hiring a Freelance Web Developer

Following are some of the things that you need to consider before hiring a freelance web developer:

  • It is imperative to create a detailed plan before you hire a web developer. This is to ensure that you are certain of your requirements and the goals that you aim to achieve.
  • Jotting down the specifications that are functional will be helpful. Describe how you wish to see the product will function from the user’s point of view.
  • Specifying the features, dialogs, screens, and menus will be helpful for the developer to understand you with more clarity.
  • During the communication process with the chosen developer, it will be beneficial if you complete the technical specifications.
  • It is important to schedule a timeframe for the project. However, you must prepare yourself for any last-minute changes or extensions.
  • Evaluate the knowledge of the developer. If you cannot then hire someone who is proficient in the task to test how knowledgeable the developer is.
  • When signing the contract make sure to involve a lawyer.
  • Where payment is concerned, it is best to opt for the hourly payment basis. There are chances of your project changing or becoming more complex.
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