How to Import OLM Calendar into Gmail?

import olm calendar to gmail

If you’re wondering how to import OLM Calendar into Gmail account, stop thinking about it. Use OLM Converter, a wonderful and comprehensive solution that enables users to trouble-free import their emails from Mac OLM to Gmail accounts. This blog is specially designed for both experienced and inexperienced users.

In this article, we’ve covered the most effective and straightforward method for users to quickly and easily resolve the issue of how to import an OLM calendar into Gmail, including emails, notes, contacts, tasks, and attachments. To import OLM files to Gmail accounts manually, there are several options on the market. But there is no guarantee of success with such kinds of techniques.

Manual Methods to Import OLM Calendar into Gmail

Only a small number of emails may be imported manually from OLM to the Gmail app, and most manual solutions involve arduous, time-consuming steps that are inefficient for users. Since Advik OLM to Gmail Converter can successfully import an OLM calendar into Gmail in a matter of seconds, it is the only automatic and most trustworthy solution that will be covered in this piece.

Pro’s Preference OLM to Gmail Converter Tool

Mac With all attachments, metadata, RTF formatting, and photos included, OLM Converter is a rapid and efficient conversion tool that teaches users how to import their OLM calendar into their Gmail account. Users can import both individual and multiple OLM files to Gmail at once using this application without losing any data.

To import, export, and save OLM files to the Gmail app, users of all skill levels can use the OLM to Gmail Tool’s straightforward user interface. This tool maintains OLM data folder hierarchy during the whole conversion process. Test the software’s functionality and advantages by downloading the freeware version.

Complete Procedure to Import OLM Calendar into Gmail

Step 1. Install Advik OLM to Gmail Converter Tool on Windows computer.

Step 2. Click Next after loading OLM files or directories by clicking the Select Files or Select Folders buttons.

Step 3. After the program has scanned and analyzed an OLM file or folder, it will provide a list of its contents with checkboxes. To choose the necessary components for selective data conversion, utilize the checkbox. Once finished, select Next.

Step 4. Select Gmail as a saving option from the Select Saving Options drop-down list. Then, enter your Gmail account’s login information.

Step 5. Click the Next button to begin the OLM to Gmail conversion.

Step 6. At this point, the tool begins the conversion process with a green status bar and concludes within a short period of time with the statement “Conversion Completed Successfully”. To complete the task, click the “OK” tab.

The OLM Converter Tool’s advantages include its capacity to import all OLM objects into Gmail.

  • All users, both professionals, and laypeople use it intelligently.
  • There is no file size restriction when importing Mac OLM emails into the Gmail client.
  • It offers Unlimited conversion from OLM to Gmail Account
  • Delivers a completely safe and accurate conversion.
  • capable of transferring all email components and attachments from Mac Outlook files to a Gmail account.
  • Compatible with all Mac OS and Windows OS editions.

Benefits of using OLM Converter Tool Download

Before purchasing a license key, customers can utilize the professional program’s free trial version to examine the entire tool’s functionality and learn how to import an OLM calendar into Gmail. The license version’s functionality is carried over to the Free OLM Converter for Mac download edition.

Features of the OLM to Gmail Converter

Review the tool’s advanced features before importing an OLM file into Gmail

Directly Import OLM File into Gmail: To import Mac Outlook output OLM files to Gmail without difficulty. Our OLM Converter Software only needs your Google Mail login information. Due to this software’s ability to move Mac Outlook archived emails to Google Mail, the import-export procedure is not necessary (Gmail & G Suite).

Double OLM File Loading Options: The OLM to Gmail converter offers the choice of selecting one or more files or folders from Outlook for Mac. For the conversion task, the utility can upload a large number of files all at once.

Export OLM Contacts and Calendar: This tool is perfect enough to export numerous Outlook for Mac emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, etc. This multifunctional program is specially designed to import OLM calendars to Gmail accounts. The users’ address books can be imported into their Google mail accounts as well. It is the ideal tool for Gmail OLM file import.

Free Trial Version: One can import 25 items per folder from OLM files for no charge by using the demo version of the software, which is available for free. Once you are happy with the application’s functionality, you can choose the license edition for converting multiple OLM files.

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