How to Improve the Price of Your Second-hand and Used Car?

Selling a used car can be rather tedious. More specifically, it takes a lot of planning and decision before selling a used car. To make this complicated work easier, we have provided a guide below.

What Factors Determine the Price of a Used Car?

The make and year of the model, overall condition of the car, its mileage are the main features that determine the price and desirability of Sell My Car. So, ensure that your car scores high points when it comes to these parameters.

Do a Thorough Research Online

As used cars have no price tag, it makes it difficult to determine their actual worth. Doing a bit of research can help you in this case. Talk to someone who has previously sold a used car or look for a used car valuation tool online. This will help you with your anchor price while negotiating the sale.

Decide on the Resale Value

Be sure about the lowest price that you can go to while selling your car. It is a crucial step when selling a used car.

Local businesses usually take a 3-5% commission when they sell a car. So, make sure to include the commission percentage before settling on the minimum price.

Keep a Spare Key

Always make a duplicate key of your car and keep it within your reach. In case you need it, you can find the key quickly, plus you can give it to the new car owner.

Service History

Get your car checked from an authorized channel, irrespective of selling the car or not. Maintaining a proper service history becomes paramount when you want to sell your car. Moreover, due to the interconnection of the authorized service centers, you can access the complete service history easily.

Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual that you get when buying a new car contains all the crucial information regarding the vehicle’s make and model. You might not get this information from the more recent cars of similar make. So, keep the manual in safeguard for the new owner.

Tool Kit, First Aid, Inflated Spare Wheel

Make sure not to lose the toolkit or the tools in it. If you have lost it, find them before selling the car. This applies to the first aid kit too. Get rid of the expired bandages and medicines and substitute them with new ones. The extra wheel should be in usable condition.

Essential Fluids

Fill up the car’s essential fluids (such as windshield fluid) and lubricants before handing them over to the new owner. Get all the features and electrical components checked before delivering the car. At least 1/3rd of the tank should be filled.

Get Rid Of All Unwanted Stuff

Clean your car thoroughly before having it delivered – the buyer will not want to receive a dirty car. Remove all the garbage, including cigarette buds, empty bottles, baby diapers, etc. Don’t smoke inside the car.

Protecting Yourself in a CarResale

With increasing scams and frauds, you must take necessary precautions during a car sale. Screen the callers thoroughly. Interview them on the phone and if any person catches your interest, set up a meet-up in a public place. Don’t go for anyone ready to buy your car without seeing it even once. Check the driver’s license before handing over the keys.

Select a safe and central location to meet up before a test drive. When taking a test drive, make sure that the route you choose passes through populated areas. Take a friend or family member with you. Always discuss how you want the payment in advance.

Block Out

all your personal information on the service records before giving them to the buyer. Use a black permanent marker for this.

Look up the rules of your state regarding the title transfer. Keep the inspection certificate or smog check certificate near you when selling the car.

The internet is an extraordinary tool but also is a hive of scams and fraud. Contact the relevant authorities if you think you are being scammed.

We haven’t provided the all-inclusive information that you’d need to Sell My Seat. But these points should be your priority.

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