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To merge your Outlook files easily you can install this amazing professionally tested application which will provide you safe and secure results every single time. Many email clients are supported by this amazing application. The compatibility of the app is amazing thus users can freely use this application in any of the Windows or Mac OS. Using this tool an effective and efficient result is provided to the users every time. It is one of the best tools that give an accurate result every single time and also provides a vast platform to all its users. 

More about this application

Even a lengthy PST file can be merged easily using this tool. In just a few minutes as the desired result is granted to the users by this tool. Without any data corruption or data leakage, a well suitable result is granted to the users. Moreover, if any trouble is faced by the users, then customer service is provided to them. Every time a healthy result is granted to the users by this amazing application. Users can reliably merge PST files using this application. Moreover, the merging of both UNICODE as well as ANSI PST files is granted by this amazing application. Users can merge their files freely without any hurdle by using this amazing tool. Apart from it, the app provides a file as well as folder mode for the convenience of the users. This application is an independent tool to be used by any user. Users need not have to be dependent on any other application to follow the merging of their Outlook files. Directly all the PST files are merged according to the choice of the users. Its user friendly-interface helps every user in an easy merging of their Outlook files. 

One must do try this application out!

What are the steps of using this application?

Users do have to follow a few steps while merging their outlook files using this amazing application. These steps are provided below. 

Step 1– First you have to install this application in your Operating System

Step 2– Now, start the tool

Step 3– Add those Outlook files that you want to merge

Step 4– Put the location for saving the merged Outlook files.

Step 5– Finalize these steps by just clicking on the “generate now” button

With these few simple steps, you will be able to get your desired result in just a short period of time. Moreover, any kind of hurdle is not faced by the users while merging their Outlook files using this amazing tool. 

If any hurdle or obligation is faced by the users while merging their Outlook files then they can have a look at the screenshots that are been provided by the application.

Reasons for using Softaken Merge PST Pro Tool

The reasons for using this tool to merge their Outlook files are provided below. Let us go through these reasons:

  • Provides bulk merging of the Outlook files
  • Grants a user-friendly interface
  • Need not install the MS Outlook 
  • Merging of both ANSI as well as UNICODE language
  • Compatibility is amazing thus users can use this tool in any of the version Windows or Mac Operating System
  • No size restrictions
  • A user-friendly interface is provided by the application
  • Entire data is merged by the application

How can we merge Outlook files manually?

Users can also merge their Outlook files manually but these manual ways require a lot of time. Let us go through with these manual steps keenly:

Step 1- Open the MS Outlook

Step 2- Firstly, create a new PST file

Step 3- Add the old PST file in newly created PST file

These manual steps cannot be performed by any users. Thus, a user has to be from a technical background to go through these steps.

What demerits faced by the users while merging the Outlook files?

The demerits faced by the users while merging the Outlook files are:

  • It is a time-consuming method
  • Require installation of MS Outlook
  • Does not provide a user-friendly platform
  • Is not a safe and secure method
  • Chances of data leakage are more
  • Cannot merge big size Outlook files
  • Lengthy method 

What are the features provided by this amazing tool?

There are several key features that are provided by this amazing application for a convenient merging of the Outlook files. Let us go through these features:

  • Easy merging of the files

Users can merge their Outlook files reliably by using this amazing application as the app provides an amazing Graphical user interface that helps even non-tech users to merge their Outlook files. 

  • Accurate result 

Every time an accurate result is granted to the users by this amazing application. Without any error, a well-satisfied result is granted by the tool. No data error is there in the whole merging process. The integrity of the data is maintained by the tool. 

  • User choice saving

In the user’s desired location the merged file can be saved. This location can be anywhere in our local system. No hurdle is faced by the users while saving the merged PST files. 

  • No size limits

From MB to GB size PST files can be merged by this amazing application as there is no kind of size limitation imposed by this amazing tool. From small to big size PST files. 

These features play an important role while merging the PST file.

Final Statement

Users must use this amazing application by downloading the demo version of MERGE PST tool. This demo version is available for free for all users. No obligations are faced while merging the Outlook files using this application. If users are satisfied with the demo version of the tool, then they can simply buy the licensed version of the application. Using the licensed version of the tool users can merge any amount of PST files and also a lifetime free update of the app is provided. 

Apart from it, if users face any obligations, then they can contact the customer service of the application which is provided for 24*7 hrs.

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