How to Migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365?

migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

Migration from one Cloud to another cloud-based service is a challenging task for organizations. If you are also planning to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 environment, then you also think of the solutions to accomplish it. This article will provide you with the procedures to migrate Google Workspace data using the native or a reliable method. So, keep reading this article if you wish to learn the entire process to complete your task of migrating from Google Workspace to Office 365 in a hassle-free way.

Why do users prefer to move from G Suite to Microsoft 365?

  • Familiarity with Microsoft’s products: Microsoft is a widely popular enterprise in the world, and its product as well. So, most organizations are familiar with the products of Microsoft like MS Word, Excel, Outlook and many more.
  • Pricing: The subscription structure of Microsoft 365 is well-managed. It offers subscription plans for individual users to large enterprises. That is why organizations look to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 cloud-based service.
  • Better Productivity: G Suite applications can only be used on the web or through mobile apps. However, Office 365 offers desktop applications along with web access and mobile apps for a better working experience.

These are the advantages of working with Microsoft 365, and that is why the G Suite to Office 365 Migration is in trend among organizations. Now, let us discuss the most asked question from users: how to migrate from the Google G Suite to Microsoft Office 365.

What are the ways to migrate from G Suite to MS Office 365?

To complete this migration process, users can go with the native method of Microsoft or a professional third-party tool. With the manual method, we will process this task through the IMAP migration method. We will discuss the step-by-step process to migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365 manually, so that users can understand the whole process without any difficulty.

The native way to migrate the G Suite data into Microsoft 365

Here, we are going to discuss all the steps to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 using the manual method. Before following the steps, we suggest users to keep a backup of their Google Workspace crucial data; if any unexpected situation happens during the migration, it will help you to keep your data safe.

Step1: Verify Your Domain

  • Before setting up Microsoft 365, you need to verify your domain with your current DNS host provider.

Step 2: Add Users to Office 365

  • You must add all G Suite users to Office 365.
  • Ensuring that they have the necessary license before adding them to Office 365.
  • Here, users can be included one by one or in bulk.

Step3: Prepare a List of Gmail User Mailboxes

  • Sign in to the Google Workspace Admin Console.
  • Pick users, and write their email addresses.
  • Then, go to the Microsoft Admin Center, Users, and Active Users to cross-check the username column.
  • Now, run Microsoft Excel in your system.
  • After that, create a migration file in Microsoft Excel using the provided template with the user’s email address in A1, username in B1, and password in C1.
  • Add the user name and email address of Office 365 active users as previously described.
  • Save the file as a CSV file type, and close Excel after completing the steps.

Step 4: Connect Office 365 and Gmail

  • Open the Classic Exchange Admin Center, go to Recipients, Migration, More, and then click Migration Endpoints.
  • Tap the new (+) and create a new migration endpoint.
  • Select IMAP from the Select migration endpoint type page.
  • Set the IMAP server to, then click Next.
  • Provide the name of the Migration endpoint and enter other details.
  • Later on, press on the Next button.

Step5: Create a Migration Batch

  • Go to the Office 365 Admin Center and choose Exchange in the Admin Centers tab.
  • Then, navigate to Recipients and choose the Migration option.
  • Click New (+) and select the Migrate to Exchange Online option.
  • Select IMAP migration and hit the Next button.
  • Browse the migration file created earlier.
  • Now, wait for Microsoft 365 to validate the added file.
  • The number of users listed in the file will show after Microsoft validates the included file.
  • Choose the migration endpoint that you previously created and hit Next.
  • Afterwards, accept the default values and tap Next.
  • Now, provide a name for the migration batch and folder. Then, press the Next button.
  • Then, select Browse to send a copy of the process report to other users.
  • Choose the Automatically Start the batch option.
  • Thereafter, tap on the New button to begin the G Suite to Office 365 migration.

Step 6: Update DNS Records

  • Sign in to Microsoft 365 page.
  • Go to Setup, and select Domains.
  • Choose your domain and then Fix issues.
  • Select the What do I fix? option and follow the instructions to include the DNS records for Office 365.
  • After completing the process, you will see a message indicating that your domain is set up correctly.

Step7: Stop Synchronization with Google Gmail

  • Verify that all emails have been moved to Microsoft 365
  • After that, delete the migration batch, and stop synchronization.
  • Keep the migration batch running for at least 72 hours before deletion.

Limitations of the IMAP migration method

IMAP migration method has various limitations that users can face when they migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 environment.

  • It migrates G Suite emails only and does not migrate contacts, calendars, or other data.
  • Users require having access to both source and targeting email accounts at a time.
  • This method can take a long time to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365, which depends on the amount of data being migrated.
  • It doesn’t allow the migration of labels or other G Suite-specific data.
  • Also, it may result in the loss of email metadata, such as read/unread status, flags, and folder structure.
  • Users should require technical knowledge to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 easily with the manual method.

These are the limitations of the manual process and the reasons behind why users do not want to go with the manual method. Therefore, the best option for which users can opt is the Shoviv professional tool.

Shoviv Third-party Tool for migrating Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool offers so many advanced features that help users to make this migration effortless. This software has a simple working process that every user can understand without having any trouble. Users can easily choose the multiple mailboxes of G Suite to migrate at a time. The software accepts any size of the mailbox as it has no size restrictions.

Users can also select the specific G Suite mailbox items of their choice to migrate into Microsoft 365 using its filter option. This tool has a simple user interface, allowing users to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 smoothly. It keeps the actual hierarchy of the folder and metadata of the emails even after migrating.

Along with the migration to Office 365, it also allows users to migrate G Suite data directly to the Exchange on-premise. Users can also check out more features of this software, like an incremental export option, search facility, etc., by downloading its free trial version.

Below we are going to share with you the working of the Shoviv software so that you can easily understand how this tool works.

Step-by-Step Process to Migrate to Google Workspace to Office 365 Using a third-party tool

Step 1: Download the Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool.exe and install it.

Step2: Open the software and go to the Source G Suite option.

Step 3: Enter the project name and other details to create Project.

Step4: Afterwards, click on the Connect button.

Step 5: Now, navigate to the Target Office 365 tab.

Step6: Enter the Exchange Server Name and other required details. Click Ok.

Step 7: Choose the Migration Job option.

Step8: Click on the (+) add option and create a migration job.

Step 9: Enter the Job name and select the mailboxes that you want to migrate under the mailbox list.

Step10: Press Next to move forward with the process.

Step 11: Now, map the source mailbox email to the target mailbox email.

Step12: Also, choose the mailbox type from the Migrate In drop-down menu and hit Next.

Step 13: Include or exclude items as your requirement on the basis of date or folder-wise criteria.

Step14: Tick the below checkbox as per your need and tap the Next button.

Step 15: Now, set the thread count and mailbox login attempts count.

Step16: Choose the Run Job immediately from the Job Run Action to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 instantly.

Step 17: Set the failed items count limit and press the Next button.

Step18: In the following window, the migration job will be created.

Step 19: Review the migration job and hit the Finish button to run the migration.


We hope the above information is helpful for your migration task. In this article, we learned the detailed steps to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 using manual and professional methods. We suggest users opt for the Shoviv professional migration software to complete this migration, as this tool is easy to access for all users. Also, users can explore its features deeply using its free trial version.

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