How to Plan Your Destination Wedding on a Budget?

Destination weddings can be dreamy realities. These portray a fairytale when you say “Yes” and tie the knot.

But, planning your marriage ceremony miles away from home takes up a lot of planning. Guest lists, decoration, food, and attire are necessary things. But, the most important step of a destination wedding is budget estimation.

It is where your dreams set their limit and imagination breaks. According to reports, the average price point of a domestic destination wedding is approx. 28000 US dollars only. However, an international destination wedding costs 27000 US dollars.

Of course, you can plan your dreamy wedlock in a lower budget. Wedding planners are bliss if you find the right one. In addition, Google can solve almost all problems in the world. All you need to do is search rightly and tie the knot.

Below, I have shared a list of the steps you can follow for a budget destination wedding.

Destination Wedding on a Budget – Tips

Do not worry if you cannot plan a lavish marriage ceremony. Let me tell you how to make the most of it.

Go Through the Budget Details

First thing first – the budget estimation and division. Learn where your money will go and decide how much you wish to spend. Sit together with your friends, family, and your going-to-be life partner.

Now, make a rough estimation of the investments you need for the food, travel, outfits, decoration, and entertainment.  From the highest to the lowest possible prices, keep price ranges for every option.

Now, exclude the unnecessary one-time investments. For instance, finding alternates for lavish cars and luxury flowers will bring no harm to your ceremony.

Pick the Right Time and Date

Planning any event off-season saves a fortune. You can keep from breaking the bank by planning your wedlock during the unpopular months. Winter is the most recommended season for marriages. You can skip it and plan one during autumn or spring.

There are most chances of getting discounts when not many people are marrying. You can also negotiate prices during such days because retailers are looking for sale. I recommend visiting an online coupon codes website to find travel packages and couple discounts.

Research Your Location Wisely

Since you are planning a destination wedding on a budget, everything depends on your location. Pick your venue smartly to organize things in your estimated budget. Surely, you can find ample locations on the map famous for destination weddings.

Skip such places and look for spots that are less crowded. It is impossible to find places like Switzerland, Caribbean Sea, Mexico, and Hawaii to plan a budget wedding. You must understand the culture, traditions, street prices, cuisine, and travel cost of a location before finalizing it.

I recommend selecting an unconventional place with less-explored places. Attract your guests by planning your event on an uncommon and mysterious venue.

Make Booking In Advance

Advance booking is the easiest way to save yourself from Last minute rush. Try to escape the last-minute preparations because it will always cost you extra. A major percentage of your expenses include travel cost and accommodation.

If you start looking months before the actual event, there are maximum chances of finding low fares. Also, you can negotiate and keep looking for favorable rates if you have time.

Advance booking is less expensive. Also, traveling with many people needs smart planning. In case, you are exchanging vows in the nearby town, skip air travel. Pick a luxury bus and travel, by road when possible. It will save you more than you can imagine.

Give Attention to the Must-Haves

A destination wedding must not be luxurious. You can plan a minimal wedding and still cater to your desires. Cutting on the costs is not about compromising on the quality. You just need to act smart for a budget destination wedding.

For instance, give a try to lunch boxes rather than a buffet. It will save food and money both. You can keep all the best food items in a lunch box and save extra food from wasting.

Likewise, if you are planning to send invitations online, use wedding card coupon codes from event planners. It will help you maintain your status and still act thrifty.

Trim Your Guest List

There is no need to invite unnecessary people on your wedding. Do not add your old school fellows, office employees, neighbors, and business partners to our guest list. People with whom your relation is limited to social media, emails, and professional meet ups are not to be invited.

Understand that wedding is a very private ceremony. It is a happy gathering of limited people who have been waiting to raise a toast for you. Invite your best friends, relatives, and family to make the event memorable and worthwhile.

Ask Your Friends to Participate

Friends are the family we choose. Therefore, you can call your pals for this event to get things done easily. Plan your destination wedding on a budget by arranging a DIY friends gathering. Prepare the possible wedding décor accessories at home.

Cards, bouquets, and other wedding-related accessories can be made at home if you try. Also, you can rent your wedding outfit from a friend if you like. If you are too close to this dress, skip it and ask friends to show their skills.

Almost every group has photographers, expert chefs, composers, and artists. Take help of these special friends and cut more costs.

The Takeaway

Lastly, you can also hire a wedding planner if you want. Of course, it involves their fee but, you can skip plenty of bills by hiring a planner. These are experienced people who know how to plan a destination wedding on a budget.

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