How to prevent stainless steel from rusting

prevent stainless steel from rusting

You must be thinking about how stainless steel and rust are in one sentence. Worse, you might notice your stainless steel furniture and appliances go rusty. We have mentioned the non-corrosive capacity of stainless steel previously in the past but we did not lay out the conditions at which this statement holds. 

Stainless steel is resistant under normal circumstances. So, if you thought you would lay your stainless steel out in chloride, extreme humidity or abrasions, you are inviting rust home as these factors damage the thin layer called chromium within the stainless steel. 

Today’s blog will tell you how to prevent stainless steel from rusting. 

5 things that cause stainless steel to rust

  1. Using wire brush on the steel body.
  2. Irregular or lack of cleaning.
  3. Using acid-based cleaning chemicals.
  4. Expose the surface to an environment rich in chloride.
  5. Subjecting stainless steel to force 

How to prevent stainless steel from rusting?

How to prevent stainless steel from rusting depends on how you are using your stainless steel furniture or appliances. However, we are going to provide you with tips that would give you an overall idea about how to prevent your stainless surface from rusting. 

1. Clean regularly!

The reason why we say stainless steel can resist corrosion is that the presence of chromium oxide in the steel helps it heal by itself. However, this self-healing capacity is compromised when dirt deposits on the surface in case of damage. This is exactly why we emphasize on good maintenance of stainless steel at Punoma Steel because just getting a high-quality stainless steel object is half the job done. 

2. Say no to iron and abrasive materials

When you decide to rub a stainless steel surface with pointy tools,  abrasive materials or anything containing iron, you leave trails of unseen particles that could lead to rusting due to damage in the protective layer. 

3. Layer with protective coatings

Wrapping stainless steel with oil or water-based protective layers would create a layer between the stainless steel and corrosive agents which would resist rusting. 

4. Use water-based lubricants

Water-based lubricants are best in repelling moisture that leads to rusting.

5. Go, galvanize!

Coat your stainless steel with zinc and let it work its magic in hot weather to protect your stainless steel belongings from rust. Since chemicals are involved in these procedures, we highly recommend you hire a professional for the job to avoid getting hurt.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, adverse conditions and no maintenance can cause stainless steel to rust no matter how good of steel you have purchased. People are often laid back with the thought that stainless steel is low maintenance due to its self-healing properties

However, do not make such a mistake if you want to avoid coming face to face with rust. Clean the stainless steel surface regularly and follow the steps mentioned above.

Lastly, if any of the steps seem unfamiliar, do not experiment. Leave it to the hands of the professionals. Hope our article on how to prevent stainless steel from rusting helps you!

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