How to Prevent Tyre Punctures?

How to Prevent Tyre Punctures?

A flat tyre is a common thing scenario. Due to bad road surfaces and tyre maintenance, your tyres face more punctures and damage. Punctures are a very usual concept but you need to know the actual reason behind punctures. Sharp objects, such as a nail or a shard of glass, can cause damage to your vehicle’s tyre. 

Motorists tend to have a bad habit of neglecting their tyres, whether or not they are in healthy condition. Drivers who drive frequently should have their Tyres Milton Keynes inspected; there are numerous advantages to doing so. Those who do not do so will have poor driving experiences and damaged tyres. Punctures occur when damaged tyres are driven in poor driving conditions. 

What are tyres punctures? 

Punctures are most commonly caused by sharp things, such as nails or glass, puncturing the tyre and allowing air to escape. Depending on the condition of your tyres, the punctures can be severe, minor, or very light. Having a flat tyre is on the contrary is quite harmful. 

A flat tyre has numerous consequences, one of which is that it might damage the vehicle’s rims and perhaps cause an accident. 

How to tell you to have a flat tyre or puncture in your tyre? 

The severity of the puncture depends on the nature of the damage and the extent of the penetration of the sharp object in your tyre.

Some of the clues that can help you figure out any puncture in the tyre-

Loss of air pressure- If you notice that your tyres are losing pressure frequently. This would lead to excessive wear and tear and eventually tyre punctures.

– Immediate tyre inflation- If you just got your tyre pressure checked and notice an air leak while driving, your tyres are suggested to have a puncture.

– Wheel wobbling and shuddering- If you notice unbalanced driving and misalignment. You would have excess tyre vibration.

– Difficult steering in the car – If your tyres and steering lose control, and tyres veer down in one direction, your tyres are probably punctured.

How to properly fix your tyre punctures-

Fixing a puncture is not an easy task and it can be perfectly done by professional technicians. Although some experienced motorists can do it themselves often it is suggested to get it fixed by professionals.

There is a whole procedure for fixing the punctures-

Step 1- Finding the point of puncture

It can be a daunting task to find the punctures. Without finding the punctures you cannot proceed with fixing your tyre. It is an important step that includes examining the tyre closely to see if the surface of the tyre is fine or severely damaged by the Run Flat Tyres Milton Keynes

Step 2- Segregate the tyre and the wheel – 

You cannot fix the puncture without separating it from the wheel. The punctures are usually on the rubber surface so you need to separate the rim to properly repair the surface. 

Step 3- Remove the tube- 

There are two types of tyres namely- tube and tubeless. If you have a tube tyre, you will have to remove the tube from the tyre in order to get it examined and fixed properly. 

Step 4- Fix the punctures- 

Now the most important step, fixing the punctures. It is essential that you secure the holes nicely. What you can do is apply stickers to minor holes. Larger holes are usually not fixable. In case if you have tube-less tyres, you will have to seal the tyre with the help of the plug.

Run-flat tyres are the best alternatives for flat tyres and punctures. Using these tyers will provide you with more safety as they are able to run even after going flat. Using Run Flat Tyres Milton Keynes can be used as a preventive method for punctures that provide safety. 

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