How to protect your sugarcane crops from insects and pests

Sugarcane crop production

Sugar, a highly consumed food item, is mostly produced from sugarcane crops. If you consider worldwide sugar production, sugarcane contributes to being a source of 75-80% of sugar. For the rest, sugar beet is the source of sugar production. 

When it comes to commercial crops in India, sugarcane occupies an important place. As a food-come-cash crop, sugarcane ranks top of the list in India. Botanically known as Saccharum officinarum L, sugarcane is a prominent cash crop in India. This crop helps the country in earning a significant amount of foreign exchange. Interestingly, India is the largest consumer of sugar in the world and the second largest producer of the same. The sugar industry is one of the largest in India. Almost 11 crore people in the country are dependent on this industry either directly or indirectly. 

Common problems faced by Indian farmers during sugarcane production

You will be surprised to know that labour costs for sugarcane crops production are almost 45% of the total production expenses. When it comes to variable costs, loading and cutting costs occupy a significant portion as well. Sugarcane transportation requires bulk carriage facilities. It might not always be possible for family members of the producer to do the work by themselves. Therefore, they need to hire workers for cutting and loading. But if the production yield is not at par with the costs, farmers face a dire shortage of funds.

One of the causes of bad sugarcane production is pests and insects. There are different kinds of pests and mites which affect sugarcane plants, resulting in bad yield. Various kinds of insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides can be used to prevent attacks such as specialised sugarcane termite control insecticides as well as a post-emergence herbicide for sugarcane

Let us take a look at some of the major problems that are seen in sugarcane crops:

  • Cyperus rotundus

Cyperus rotundus is also known as Purple nutsedge and is a perennial weed, which is colony-forming in nature. This weed impacts various kinds of crops globally. This is a major weed, impacting plantation crops, vegetables, and other kinds of produce. These weeds are mainly found in areas with tropical and warm temperate climates. 

Cyperus rotundus is a grass-like weed belonging to the sedge family with a growth of almost 4-30 inches. The weeds form a dense underground network and hamper the growth of sugarcane or other plants. One of the biggest problems of cyperus rotundus is that it is difficult to manage with conventional and organic weed control strategies. Specialised treatment is needed for managing this weed.

Dhanuka Agritech Limited introduced SEMPRA as an effective herbicide for effectively controlling the cyperus rotundus weed.  This is a systemic and selective post-emergence herbicide which comes with a WDG formulation for effective weed control. Because this herbicide has strong soil residual action, it controls the growth of new germinating cyperus rotundus. With this herbicide, there is no need for repeated manual weeding. Using it helps bring higher yields of sugarcane, leading to more profits for the producer. 

Products which help in better growth and production of sugarcane plants

Along with sugarcane termite control insecticides or post-emergence herbicides for sugarcane, there are many products which help in bettering the efficacy and growth of sugarcane plants. Let us discuss some such products:

  • Wetcit

Wetcit is an exemplary product from the house of Dhanuka Agritech Limited. It is an excellent efficacy enhancer which helps in unleashing the full potential of insecticide, herbicide, miticide, fungicide, and PGR sprays. The efficacy enhancer is made from a blend of extracts derived from natural plants and biodegradable agents. The total combination of the various components is known as OROWET technology and is patented globally. This is a unique technology which differentiates Wetcit from many other adjuvants. This product is highly effective with its new mode of action. 

The TransPhloem TM technology implemented in Wetcit helps in quickening the translocation of the various systemic pesticides throughout the plant. As a result, the effect of the pesticide can be seen quickly in the plant. 

With the application of Wetcit, it is possible to act on diseases and pests faster since they cannot absorb water or essential nutrients from the plant and hamper plant growth. Wetcit also restricts plant damage to a great extent. Another important role that Wetcit plays is improving comprehensive sugarcane health. As a result, the quality and the yield of sugarcane produce get better. The plant becomes greener and healthier with dense leaves and foliage cover. 

  • Maxyld

A highly effective plant growth regulator, Maxyld contains Gibberellic Acid 0.001% as the active ingredient. It enhances plant metabolism and helps in accelerating the growth of the sugarcane plant. The physiological efficiency of the plant is also increased by stimulating enzymatic and hormonal activities. The quality and yield of the sugarcane produced are thus boosted with this product. 

  • Mycore

Mycore is an Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) in granular form with endo mycorrhizal spores. The surface area of the roots gets enhanced with this product and this increases the absorption of water and other essential soil nutrients. As a result, crop growth becomes vigorous along with being resistant to biological and physical stress. Last but not the least, the product helps in increasing productivity and yield of the crop substantially. 

  • Dhanzyme Gold Granules

Dhanuka Agritech Limited’s Dhanzyme Gold Granules are biologically derived organic manure from natural vegetation (seagrass). These granules are hydrolysed protein complexes that contribute to the development of plant cells and the constitution of plant proteins. The process of photosynthesis is also enhanced with this product. 

Dhanuka Agritech Limited – a reliable place for all kinds of sugarcane insecticides, pesticides, etc. 

Dhanuka Agritech Limited is a one-stop leading and trusted company offering a solution for all kinds of insects, pests, weeds, mites, etc for all major crops in India. Providing high-quality products at the most reasonable rates is the USP of the company. To know more, visit the official website of Dhanuka Agritech Limited

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