July 5, 2022

How to Receive Commercial Office Cleaning Contracts for Sale in Sydney?

If you are just starting out in the cleaning space, you might probably be facing a lot of hiccups with your sales and marketing streams. It is not easy to source clients your way soon as you start out. People these days are very keen on understanding your way of working and having a thorough look at your portfolio before hiring you. The best option that you might go for is to find cleaning contract jobs for sale in Sydney.

What happens with cleaning contracts?

Many established companies in Sydney like JBN Cleaning have a higher influx of clients almost all through the year. This is because of the sturdy foundation that they’ve built in the past 10 years of their service and their impeccable perfection in delivering promising results to their clientele time and again.

Since they want to also help other growing industries in the sector, they outsource some of their requirements through commercial cleaning contracts. They give out an opportunity for contractors to franchise under their name and do their job for them.

How can you find a cleaning contract job for sale in Sydney?

·       Keep an eye out on the bigger players. It’s usually them who give our contracts to handle the higher influx of clients on peak season.

·       Build yourself a brand portfolio. Put together an experience profile of the cleaning jobs that you’ve done in the past, irrespective of the size of the requirement.

·       Be acknowledge with different niche cleaning routines like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, disinfection cleaning, etc to name a few. This would increase your chances of availing of a contract since you will by the time be well prepared to take in any requirement.

·       Always try to remain honest about what you can and cannot do for a client a company sends your way. Breaching a contract might be a big black mark on you. Do let your leaser know what equipment and supplies you have with you and where you fall short.

·       Understand the expectation that your leaser set with the client before you start your groundwork. All of these might help you not just find a cleaning contract but also avail them and retain them for longer periods of time.  

Keep a lookout on Sub Cleaning’s website. We might have both long-term and short-term contracts for you lined up. Find what works for you and sign up for a contract right then!

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