How to Repair PST file

We all know that Microsoft Outlook is being most widely email client across the globe and is famous due to its better ability to manage emails and easier user interface. Despite all such advantages, the Outlook user may sometime find a problem while using Outlook. Sometimes, Outlook may freeze while working on it or create some error. The main issue behind all such activities will be corruption in the PST file.

This write-up will take you to the different reasons behind the PST file corruption. Along with the methods to repair PST files in all versions of MS Outlook. So kindly stay here and read this complete blog to gather the full information.

Different Reason of corruption in Outlook Data files (PST)

  • A situation where the user’s PST file exceeds the permissible storage limit creates corruption in the PST file.
  • The abrupt closure of the Outlook application as well as the System is one of the sole reasons for damage to Outlook PST.
  • Software installed from the untrusted website can harm your system and your PST file.
  • If your system is affected by the virus, it will also be the reason behind the corrupted Outlook data file.
  • Whenever the PST file header has some problem, it will also impact the PST file.

There are many other reasons responsible for the damage to the PST file. But these are some of the most common corruption reasons that will make your Outlook data inaccessible you must employ certain steps to repair PST files, so in the next part of the blog, we will focus on explaining to you with some quick repair solutions.

Free solution & Professional Approach to Repair PST file

If we explore the available method to fix the corruption issue from the PST file, then manual and the professional come to mind. But before exploring the third-party software, we will explain the manual method to repair PST file and their limitations.

Solution: 1 Repair Damaged PST File through ScanPST.exe

But before moving forwards with utilizing this utility, the user needs to find the location of this utility in the system. Please remember the ScanPST.exe location varies according to the Outlook versions. You can check out its location through the screenshot given below.

  • After finding the ScanPST.exe location, you need to open it on your system.
  • Now you need to open the corrupted PST file through Browse, then click Start to start the scanning process.
  • After finding the corruption in the PST file, make sure to take a backup of all data before start repairing the PST file.

This utility somehow repairs the PST file but has several limitations, making this method unfavorable for users. First of all, ScanPST.exe fails to repair file which exceeds 2GB in size. It also does not promise to maintain data integrity and can also result in data loss in some cases. Due to several limitations, the need for a professional PST repair utility arises.

Solution 2: Third-party Outlook PST Repair Tool

Most tools available on the web claim to efficiently repairs the Outlook data file but only some of them recover the complete data from it. One such solution is known as the Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool, which facilitates users with multiple advanced user-centric features to make the repair process smoother.

Now we will discuss its core features, which will make the user’s journey while repairing the Outlook PST quite easier. This software eliminates the manual approach’s drawbacks to solving the corruption from the large size PST files. It has a fresh user interface making it easier to apply the features and helping to navigate the software.

  • It also makes it possible to save the PST file item in many file formats such as RTF, HTML, MSG, EML, etc.
  • Before initiating the repairing process, the software also allows previews of all added PST file items.
  • This software supports ANSI as well as the UNICODE PST file of any Outlook version.
  • Any interrupted repair process can be easily resumed from the last point of interruption while making sure not to export the already repaired PST file item.
  • The tool can also recover the permanently deleted corrupted PST file.

Wrap Up

There are a large number of users who regularly search for a reliable solution to fix issues in the PST file. But few of them were able to solve the problems to repair PST files while keeping their data safer. We have explained almost all aspects and the reasons for the corrupted PST file. Moreover, the solution has also been shared with you, and you can check them and opt according to your preference.

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