How to Replace a Heating Element in a Dryer?

Replace a Heating Element in a Dryer

Who doesn’t want to have their household chores easygoing? Isn’t it a big worry if your dryer doesn’t work? You know, repairing a dryer takes time, money, and delays to get your job done.

On the other hand, servicing it in time will rescue you from the situation you never want to welcome. And, guess what? You can do it yourself if you know how to replace a heating element in a dryer.

So, let’s know how to do that.

How to replace a heating element in a dryer?

There are many heating and air conditioning service providers you’ll have around you with a bunch of services. Yet, it’s not a good idea to wait until the help comes. Know the steps and be the fixer of your emergency minutes.

Come on! You only need some light tools like a pair of needle-nose pliers and a quarter-inch nut driver. Now the solution is only two steps and 5 minutes away.

Disconnect the power and open the back part

It’s the very first thing you will do, disconnect the power. Seems easier? It’s the easiest. In case the dryer is hard wired, find the source and get the power source disconnected.

The main appliance system is at the back portion of the dryer. Remove all the screws and the back panel. You’ll find the heater element connected with wires.

Remove the heater and replace it with a new one

Now that you have found the whole system with a couple of screws and wiring at the heater’s end and also a thermostat connected, disconnect them. Then, remove some more screws that kept the heating element attached to the main casing. Just pull it down or to your side, and it’s released.

Take the new heater and install it as the old one was located. Reinstall the screws, connect the wires and the thermostat at their places.

Don’t forget to check if connections are firm enough to sustain. Now, set the back panel in its place. Finally, connect the screws.

The replacement is done! Your device is ready.

Things to remember before performing replacing task

Couple of things you must keep in mind when it’s about replacing a heating element in your dryer.

  • Remember, safety is the number one priority. Get a clear idea about your dryer – about the power source and system as well. Don’t forget to disconnect from the power source before starting to replace the heating element.
  • You must have a diagnosis of your device if you find something fishy. Sometimes, your dryer works and dries up the clothes, but it’s not sufficient. Never hesitate to take action because it will save your money and other defects in the long run.
  • If your dryer spins but has no heat and takes endless time to dry your clothes, it’s high time you consider changing your heating elements.
  • Check the thermostat and the fuses after a new replacement. Often because of one or both of either sections, a dryer fails to provide proper heat.
  • Poor venting may cause excessive heating. So, consider the part changing with a gap of time or following up to avoid lint blockage that causes inefficiency in ventilation.
  • The price of heating elements varies with the model. Usually, that ranges from 35 to 100 dollars. If you want to diagnose your dryer’s problem, the technician will charge 30 to 80 dollars, depending on the model.
  • Don’t worry if you find something unfamiliar with what we have mentioned. There might be variation in models, but the basic is the same. Take ideas from your nearby technicians.

Now you can do it!

Have anyone told you that you are a good fixer? Now, you are as today you have read how to do one of the easiest but essential tasks. We hope someday it’ll save your day. However, never hesitate to talk with the professionals as they know more than you in many ways.


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