How to Return to Normal Life Routine Post Hair Transplant?

The way one takes care of themselves right after getting a hair transplant procedure is the key to having a more natural-looking and permanent result. Though hair transplant in Turkey is a common thing due to the presence of several expert clinics, there is confusion regarding what aftercare to expect. World-class doctors have built quite a reputation for themselves in Turkey. They not only perform hair transplants on international patients but also provide them with exemplary aftercare. But there are still a number of people who fail to get assistance post-treatment.

For that reason, we have explained below how patients who had hair transplants can get back to their normal life routine in the remainder of the article.

Sleeping after getting a hair transplant

Sleeping could get challenging once you have a hair transplant, but a long night’s sleep is necessary for quick recovery. People tend to toss and turn while they are asleep, but ordinary movements like these could be risky for anyone post treatment as they could rub the scalp and hurt the affected skin. Doctors prohibit patients from any sort of touching, brushing, tugging, or pulling of the area where the transplant occurred. You can.

  • Be careful of how you sleep for the first few days.
  • Sleep flat on your back, keeping your head in an elevated position to reduce any sort of damage.
  • Use small-sized pillows, neck pillows, and travel pillows more frequently.

Once the vital phase is over, patients still have to be careful as they sleep.

Watching what you eat after a hair transplant

According to scientists, the level of nutrients in our body plays a key role in determining hair health. So it goes without saying that post-hair transplant, people must take care of what they eat. Here are a few changes to make in one’s eating habits to recover quickly and get better results after a hair transplant:

  • Increasing protein intake for individuals who have gone through transplant procedures is important. As hair is essentially made of protein, its growth, good health and beautiful appearance depend on protein levels in your body.
  • At a cellular level, Omega-3 is an important fatty acid that rejuvenates hair. To quicken the healing process, an increased intake of omega-3 is advised by doctors worldwide.

Should you drink alcohol and/or coffee after a hair transplant?

Alcoholic beverages have a different effect on the human body as they increase toxicity levels in the blood. According to research, one should refrain from having alcohol once they have gone through a hair transplant procedure. For the following reasons, alcohol could put you at risk:

  • It makes your blood thin, which means there is a chance of excessive bleeding if the patient drinks before or right after the procedure.
  • As a diuretic, alcohol flushes out water from our bodies and causes dehydration, leaving the skin brittle.

Coffee, on the other hand, is a seemingly less intimidating hot beverage that most adults can not function without. But it has a different effect if you have undergone a hair transplant procedure. Caffeine intake could lead to certain complications, which is why most doctors tell their patients to abstain from coffee both before and right after the treatment. Coffee can;

  • It can elevate blood pressure and cause increased bleeding.
  • increased sensitivity in patients that hampers the medication given during treatment.
  • The overall results post treatment end up changing quite a lot due to the caffeine in the patient’s system.

Washing hair post-hair transplant treatment

Lots of people experience hair loss as they wash their hair and think nothing of it. But according to specialists, this is an early sign of a long-term problem. In most cases, changing one’s shampoo, frequency of washing hair, etc. can reduce hair loss experienced during hair wash, but when you have been through a hair transplant, there are a few cardinal rules to be followed, which are;

  • Being extremely gentle during your first hair wash post-treatment is a priority.
  • Based on the doctor’s recommendation, wash your hair only to ensure that your hair and scalp are safe.


Having a hair transplant brings a few changes to your life’s routine, but with persistence and carefulness, one can make a quick recovery in no time.

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