How To Store Tyres When Not In Use?

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Having a car of your own is a matter of necessity these days for all, but that does not make it easy on the pocket. As tyres are one of the most important parts of a car or any vehicle for that matter, they are designed very carefully and with good and proper materials. There are different types of tyres available in the market and some might also seem a little cheaper than the rest but shall be a compromise with quality. So, it is always better to get a good tyre set and then care for it.

Sometimes due to the different weather conditions prevailing in your area, you might need to have more than one set of tyres for your vehicle. So, when one set is in use the other needs to be stored and cared for in the right way. Otherwise, they might get wasted or damaged over time. Tyres getting damaged means you have to incur the repairing cost even after spending a fortune to buy them; this is not something anyone shall be comfortable with. So, here we shall discuss the ways of storing GT Radial Tyres Longton.

Winter Tyres Storage

Since the UK has a moderate climate more or less and only a few places face extreme winters, car owners find it better to have a set of winter tyres for winter use when the season hits. Till then for the rest of the year, it has to be stored somewhere else. Let us see what should be done to store them properly.

  • To begin with, tyres need to be cleaned and out of impurities before storing them anywhere. If an unclean tyre is stored, then even after a lot of care it won’t be in a usable state and might get damaged too badly to even get fixed. Just to avoid such extreme cases, it is important to remove all the dust and sediments of grime from the tyre parts and treads. In this way, you can control the damage and allow more days for your tyre to live.

  • Placement of the tyre storage is really important. Tyres cannot be left outside without any shed or covering. This is not just a rule for the winter tyres, but it is true for all of them. Even if you cover the tyres with some kind of a covering, it still needs to be kept inside and not out on the road or field. And for winter tyre storage it is necessary to find a good dark and dry place and it should also be cool.

  • Any kind of exposure to heat and sunlight should be avoided completely for winter tyre storage. These are the two things that can impact the condition of your Tyres Longton and help it to wear away before its time. The storage room temperature should be less than normal; and if there is even the slightest chance of the tyres being exposed to heat, then the tyres should be well shielded.

  • Tyres if come in contact with any kind of fuel, solvents, chemicals, or lubricants, can turn out to be detrimental to the tyre health. So, either keep the tyres in a room free from these or at least maintain a long-distance from them.

  • Some make the mistake of storing tyres under external tension or pressure for avoiding the cracking of tyres. But this is not how you should be storing winter tyres. So, it is better to avoid any such mechanism and keep tyres under normal pressure only.

  • Ozone is really harmful to tyre health and it is found to be the reason for a lot of tyre damage cases. So, the storage room of your tyres should not have any source of ozone in it. As motor devices are capable of generating ozone and spreading the same, it is highly advised to keep such a source of ozone away from the tyres in concern.

  • If there is no possible way to keep the ozone exposure completely out of the room and away from the tyres, then it is advised to get a tyre storage bag. These bags are found to be somewhat effective in cutting down the exposure. But even after using these bags, you should make some additional arrangements to avoid ozone. Storage bags can also be used by all for tyre storage under normal circumstances.
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