How To Write An Excellent Research Paper In 60 Minutes?

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The most significant projects are those that are prepared with adequate time and effort, but there are times when students have such busy schedules, and they have to have the skill of writing papers in less time. One way to complete your work on time is by seeking research paper help from experts online. Other is to learn to write an excellent research paper as quickly as possible.

So, here are step-by-step instructions on how to create an academic research paper in 60 minutes. This will help you complete your work even in a restricted timeline. But before we get into the specifics, let’s have a basic understanding of a research paper.

What is a Research Paper?

An academic study, known as a research paper, offers a thorough examination, assessment, or interpretation of a single subject supported by factual data.

The most efficient way to distribute information over a large network is through research articles, which are the foundation of contemporary science. However, most people are already aware of research papers from school; college courses frequently use them to assess a student’s familiarity with a particular subject or general research abilities.

But one should not confuse a research proposal with a research article. The main objective of a research proposal is to save the funds required to gather the information needed to produce a research paper. If you still have difficulty in forming a research paper, you can always seek help with homework from a qualified professional.

Writing a Research Paper in 60 Minutes

It is believed that writing a research paper is a time-consuming process, but to learn the skill of writing it within 60 minutes, one should adopt the following steps:

Make a Rough Format

Making a rough outline of the topic you need to cover is one of the most helpful writing strategies for research papers of any kind. To create a format, students should follow the “inverted pyramid” approach.

This approach focuses on keeping the essential information in the first section of the paper and then placing the remaining details in the following paragraphs by very important to least important information. This way, you can figure out which section needs the most attention.

Read Encyclopedia

It’s crucial to “fill in the blanks” when you finish working on your draft and choose your topic. Therefore, reading an excellent encyclopedia or Wikipedia information is a perfect place to start your research if you don’t know much about your subject. It provides a quick summary of the issue and produces suggestions for additional studies.

Studying such websites and books can help you in obtaining detailed information in a short time. At the same time, you can focus on the structure of the encyclopedia post. It will help you come up with ideas for setting out your presentation.

Look for Competent Sources

Once you have a grasp of the subject, this part becomes easy. You have to use an online search engine to quickly uncover relevant data and facts or look for a source that provides lengthy journals and articles.

The first sources you should consult are encyclopedias and journal articles. However, unless specifically requested, you shouldn’t cite an encyclopedia article as the source of your work. Instead, use a reliable website if you want the most recent statistics or specific information.

After gathering all the information, you will discover several practical alternate viewpoints. It will help you construct a good research paper within the time limit.

Proofread the Paper

Proofreading is the last and most important phase. Make sure to review your paper properly after writing to check for flaws before submitting it. There is always a possibility of errors, no matter how talented a writer is.

You can also get your friend or experienced individual to review the article. They will take a fresh look at it and point out errors you might have previously missed. It could be a good idea to run it via a grammar-checker tool like Grammarly to find and fix errors in the paper.

Always make an effort to cite sources correctly. The citations mentioned in the research paper are of utmost significance. Because these citations reference the original sources, which gives credibility to your paper. Moreover, be sure to write the bibliography section of the paper according to the proper format. To sum it up, your document frequently discusses the key ideas, sources, and explanations in some recoverable manner.


The aforementioned step-by-step guide will assist you in creating an excellent and professional research paper that will impress your professor. It will also help you learn the skill of writing a research paper within a particular time limit.

However, If you still struggle, countless writing services provide research paper help. Simply place your request to the right one and observe how easily your task is finished.

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