Importance of Cloud-Based Time Tracker: A Complete Guide

  “Time isn’t the main thing; it’s the only thing,” said Miles Davis

For cost-efficient timekeeping of employees at work, you need a state-of-the-art cloud-based time tracking tool. In today’s industry, it is paramount to invest in tailor-made solutions to keep a tab on your staff and their work activities. Let’s explain why businesses must introduce time-tracking solutions to their workforce without further ado.

So, let’s dive right in and take a look.

  • Focus & Transparency: Whether on-premises or cloud, distractions are always around. Lack of concentration affects employees’ dedication and productivity, and this sometimes causes false reporting.
  • Confidentiality:    The manual management of time entries is prone to errors and data loss. This often makes businesses suffer due to no check on unwanted access by third parties.
  • Payroll Management:  No accurate tracking of employee attendance leaves, billable, and non-billable hours at work makes it daunting to calculate & manage payrolls for each employee.

Who uses Automated Time Tracking Software? 

 The cloud-based time tracking is widely prevalent among and adopted by different industries to streamline workflows with effective time management. So, the list of sectors that gain from time monitoring includes:

  • IT Businesses: The cloud-based time tracker helps IT companies monitor employees’ work hours on clients’ projects and tasks.  Additionally, the reports generated enable employers to check the total amount spent on websites, apps, chatting, and how long the system was idle.
  • Manufacturing:  In manufacturing, the manufacturer’s productivity is tracked to measure how much time they spent on each project.  Besides, the production labor cost, time, and productivity are efficiently tracked using an automated & cloud-based time tracker.
  • Field Service Management:  Catering to on-site customers’ needs takes so much time; this is where the Field service businesses use cloud-based time tracking tools to track their agent’s in real-time.  Furthermore, the software tracks working hours improves productivity, enhances accuracy, and creates real-time records.
  • Construction:   With the Time tracking tool, the construction industries can generate the most accurate timesheets with labor details of productivity. Moreover, you can save thousands on payroll by measuring the actual work hours and leaves.

Critical Benefits of Cloud-Based Time Tracker 

 The cloud-based time tracker offers myriad benefits to users in different professions and industries. Here, some of the advantages have been discussed below:

  • The automatic time tracking software records every second and helps plan every minute of a day productively.
  • The time tracking system identifies time wastage on unproductive activities and eliminates it to help employees stay glued to their work.
  • Accountability helps employees know their job, tasks, projects, and how much time each project takes.
  • The time tracking tools increase transparency among employees and employers by providing a real-time view of every project and activity.
  • Secure access to employees and employers to access crucial data on the go. It becomes easy to store and share data on cloud storage with ease.

Cloud-based time tracking is highly useful for making employees accountable for their work. With Talygen, employees can check the time they spend on different tasks.  This way, they can manage their time accordingly and improve productivity.  If you’re working with a team, time tracking can help see who is slacking off and pulling their weight.

Cloud-based time tracking software is a computer program that allows users to track their time spent on various tasks. Using work-from-home software can be useful for employers who want to know how their employees spend their time or freelancers who want to keep track of their work hours. Talygen offers a unique time tracking software with screenshot functionality which allows organizations to measure the progress of projects by tracking an employee’s work in real-time. Also, it allows managers to view the activities of their team along with daily work logs to ensure complete transparency in a project’s progress.

When buying a one-stop solution for your business, take everything into account. Furthermore, the wasted time loopholes are essential to finding at the right time to prevent employees from slacking off. Talygen is an industry-leading cloud-based time tracker that’s easy to implement based on your industry needs. It runs in the background automatically to capture screens and record the work performances of employees, agents, technicians, laborers, etc. The businesses can hassle-free install Talygen on the cloud for online access to the software over the internet anytime. You can deploy it on the company’s internal server for seamless time tracking of employees. Talygen’s cloud-based time tracker is one of the best on the market. Its features include time tracking, screenshots, and remote desktop access. With a centralized dashboard, you can see how much time your employees spend on each task. And, with remote desktop access, you can monitor your employees’ activity even when you’re not in the office.

To walk through this cloud-based time tracking solution, schedule a personalized demo.

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