Importance of Regular Tyre Rotation

Importance of Regular Tyre Rotation

Tyre rotation is a tyre maintenance process conducted after some time to ensure tyre longevity and to improve overall driving safety. Rotation involves interchanging all four tyres fitted on your vehicle in specific patterns like the front to back and side to side.

Tyres Bury St Edmunds rotation is commonly recommended after driving for 10,000 to 12,000 kilometres. This ensures the tyres last longer and enhances safety while driving. The rotation pattern the car owner should select is based upon the drive type such as front-wheel drive, rear-wheel, and all-wheel. Each of the tyres comes with a different rotation pattern to get balanced wear and optimal road contact. 

The rear tyres will face wear and tear at a different rate when compared to the ones placed in the front. Not rotating the tyres in due time can decrease the performance, cause an unwanted pull on the left side, lead to weight disturbance, lower traction, and even increase vibration and noise.

Factors you Need to Consider When Trying to Interchange Tyres Fitted on Your Car.

  • Thoroughly check all the tyres on your cars for possible sidewall or tread damage. The required tread wear limit of tyres is 1.6 mm, and a tread lower than that is dangerous and requires quick tyre replacement.

  • Check the age of all the tyres fitted on your car. Tyres are prone to get damaged and offer an uncomfortable drive after some time. Check the final four digits, also called the DOT code, of a tyre mentioned on the sidewalls to know its age.

  • To get the best tyre fit, it is advised to use a torque wrench for fixing the lug nuts.

  • Adjust the level of air pressure within all 4 tyres on your car. They should be as per the set air pressure limit recommended by the car manufacturer to get a safe drive.

Tyre Rotation Patterns You Can Opt For

To determine the most suitable rotation pattern for your vehicle, car owners need to consider the driving style of the automobile. Moreover, it is equally vital to know the tyre markings, directional capabilities and wheel size.

Ideal Rotation Patterns for a tyre on a Four, Rear or All Wheel Drive Car

For these types of cars, the Rearward Cross and X rotation patterns are suited. In Rearward Cross, the back end tyres are transferred to the front on the same side. And the front end tyres are sent to the back but on opposite sides. Moreover, in an X pattern, the front end tyres get sent to the back, on the opposite side. Also, the back is sent to the font on the opposite side.

Ideal Rotation Patterns for a tyre on a Front Wheel Drive Car

For a Front-wheel drive car, the forward cross and the X rotation patterns are ideal. In the Forward cross pattern, the back end tyres get interchanged with the front end, but on the opposite sides. And, the front tyres are sent to the front but on the same sides.

Ideal Rotation Patterns for a vehicle with staggered wheels

Sometimes, rotating the tyres is impossible for some car owners who have staggered wheels. Moreover, staggered wheels mixed with directional tyres makes tyre rotation impossible. If you have staggered wheels with non-directional tyres, then a side to side rotation will be the best choice for you. From side to side, the left side tyre gets interchanged with the right-side tyres and vice versa.

Benefits of Tyre Rotation

Longer Tread Life

The back end tyres wear off differently compared with the front end. Such a situation will lead to uneven wear among the four tyres. Therefore, you will have to buy new tyres sooner than expected. Opting for Tyre Rotations ensures all the tyres have equal wear, and they last for the same time.

Even Drive

Tyre rotation ensures all the wheels have even wear, which in turn provides a stable drive.


Maintaining the tyres provides optimal safety on roads and reduces the risk of accidents. Tyre rotation can help get the necessary traction and grip to drive throughout the year.

Better Control

Maintaining even wear on all tyres fitted on your car offers better control on roads and helps maintain the braking efficiency.

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