Important Vitamins and Minerals For Child’s Teeth

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Brushing and flossing are just the start of following preventive measures to maintain the good health of your child’s teeth and gums. To support it, there are several vitamins and minerals, other than fluorides which are essential to maintain oral health. If you have been regularly brushing your kid’s teeth and they have still been experiencing tooth decay or gum issues then it becomes important to evaluate their diet. They may be lacking the important nutrients such as vitamins or minerals that they need to build and sustain strong and healthy teeth. Center for kids dental care Roanoke has outlined below, some of the minerals and vitamins that they feel are the most important in improving and maintaining the oral health of your children.

Important Minerals and vitamins For Oral Health


Magnesium is a very important mineral for the healthy development of your oral health. It helps your body in the absorption of calcium which is why many calcium supplements contain magnesium. If your child isn’t likely to consume supplements, then try to find a yummy alternative with both minerals present in it to make it easier for them to provide everything they need. Some Dentist centers, such as kids dental clinic Roanoke also recommend calcium and magnesium supplement drinks in powder form that can be a better option for your child.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is considered to be one of the very best vitamins for oral health. It promotes the production of saliva and mucus which is necessary to clean the bacteria out of your mouth and prevents your mouth from getting dry at times. A few food items that are rich in Vitamin A include eggs, carrots, sweet potatoes, and fish.

Vitamin C:

It is beneficial because of its strong antioxidant properties that help heal gums. Vitamin C is not only necessary for your oral health but for many different areas of your health too. Vitamin C helps your body produce more collagen which promotes the repairing of cells and also speeds up the healing process. This is essential especially helpful when you accidentally bite the inside of your mouth. Since Vitamin C helps with the healing of your gums, it can heal you quickly.

Vitamin D:

According to the field of dental research at some of the reputed children’s pediatric dentistry Roanoke, Vitamin D is another vitamin that is super important to help your body properly absorb calcium, just like magnesium. It helps in signaling the intestines to absorb calcium into the bloodstream. It also makes your bones denser, promoting your teeth to become stronger which will prevent damage, fractures, and cracks to the teeth and bones.


The mineral is practically a miracle for teeth and bones as found in studies conducted by a Roanoke Emergency Pediatric Dentist. It is one of the most abundant minerals present inside the human body and is essential for the proper formation and functioning of teeth and bones. Calcium can be easily found in dairy products which is a great way to include calcium into your kids’ daily diet. One of the best sources of calcium for children is cheese in which a protein called casein is contained which is perfect for strengthening teeth.


Iron is an important mineral for maintaining healthy levels of red blood cells. It helps your body’s immune system to function normally and defend against pathogens causing infections and disease. Low iron in your body can weaken your immune system and increase your chance of developing oral complexities and gum disease. By giving them seafood, eggs, red meat, cereals, bread, and green leafy vegetables you can keep your child’s immune system in check.


Our body contains large amounts of phosphorus and the abundance of it is found in your teeth. It tags along with calcium to protect and rebuild your tooth enamel. Replenishing phosphorus is important for maintenance. It also helps in repairing your body tissues and teeth. Phosphorus is present in many protein-rich foods such as meats, eggs, nuts, legumes, and dairy.


Including these essential nutrients and minerals into your child’s diet should improve the health and strength of their oral health while also increasing their overall health. It is also important to remember that how you take care of your child’s teeth at a young age can affect their health and help them avoid complications when they become older. So, when offering your children something to eat or drink, try to feed them with all the best possible nutrition and measures to avoid any complexity in teeth and mouth.

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