Is an Apple MacBook leather sleeve affordable?

Macbook Leather Sleeve

What a painful moment it can be if our MacBook falls off our hands and breaks into pieces just a few days after its purchase. The amount of pain felt at that time can’t be imagined. What if there is a slight twist in the situation? The MacBook falls but is entirely safe. This can be possible with the help of a leather sleeve. But can it be purchased on a budget? Let’s discuss it in this article on Is an Apple MacBook leather sleeve affordable?

Searching for a MacBook case is not new because everyone wants their device protected from unforeseen circumstances. These circumstances can arise anywhere and at any time. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. What are the benefits of a MacBook case? Let’s find out.

Macbook Leather Sleeve

Gone are the days when leather was used only to make jackets and shoes. Now leather has become a preferred fabric for making traveling bags, MacBook cases, clutches, etc. Not only is leather a stylish fabric, but it can also handle extreme pressure. Therefore, leather cases keep the product kept within it highly safe.

Features of an Apple MacBook leather sleeve

  • Protects the MacBook- One of the extensively significant features of a leather sleeve is the protection provided to the MacBook from external forces. In addition, the microfiber layering within the leather sleeve prevents the MacBook from any scratches.
  • Water-Resistant – Resistance to scratches is as important as resistance to water. Most of the leather sleeves you find in the market are water-resistant. The premium quality leather used in preparing a leather sleeve doesn’t allow water to absorb therein.
  • Easy to carry- With the help of a leather sleeve, carrying and handling a MacBook becomes much more accessible. The digital creators will understand how burdensome it is to carry a MacBook without any cover and with a heavy bag. But a leather sleeve makes it easy to hold and safe to the core.
  • Customizable– Most brands provide leather sleeves in basic colors like black, blue, or brown. However, some brands provide their customers with an opportunity to customize their bags according to their preferences. Some color differences and embroidery can change the whole look altogether.
  • Extra pockets- Storing documents can be difficult but not in the case of leather sleeves. Some leather sleeves come with extra pockets that solve the storage problem with ease.
  • Durable– It is evident that we want it to last long whenever we invest in some product. Leather sleeves won’t disappoint you in this manner. Their materials and manufacturing process makes it suitable to be used for a more extended period.

Leather Sleeves Pros

  • Sleek and minimal design
  • Durable
  • Perfect usage of materials
  • Water-Resistant
  • can be customized
  • Give a luxurious look
  • Protection against damage
  • Available in different concepts like a zipper, magnetic and buttoned

Leather Sleeves Cons

  • May lack internal charging spaces
  • Double stitching makes hold of the sleeve difficult

Macbook Leather Cover Case

Many brands in the market make premium quality leather sleeves available to the customers. Some of them are listed as under-

Brands selling MacBook leather sleeves

  • Apple- Apple itself makes available to their customers MacBook leather sleeves made of European natural leather. It has a fantastic exterior finish with two leather pieces joined together with stitching. Having a great vintage look, it is available in 3 colors: midnight blue, black, and saddle brown. Moreover, its water-repelling properties and microfiber finish makes it even more compelling. The 13-inch model is available for $179, and the 16-inch model is available for $199.
  • Woolnut- Established in 2012, Woolnut is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Formed to provide multi-functional leather sleeves with a minimalist design, Woolnut provides zippered and unzippered leather sleeves. Not only leather sleeves, but it also provides a variety of leather accessories for Apple products like iPad, iPhone, etc. Made in full-grain leather from Scandinavia, all its leather products are exceptionally useful and elegant.
  • Harber London- MacBook leather sleeves designed by Harber London make it a preferred choice by customers because of its adaptability and versatility. Made with premium full-grain leather, they are available in open, magnetic, and zipper closures. Moreover, the scratch-free interiors and charge-through system add to its benefits. Starting from a range of 69$, it can go up to as high as 99$.
  • Aaron leather goods- Formed in 2017, Aaron leather’s versatility is a unique selling point. Aaron leather MacBook sleeves are made with premium quality leather and are so finely stitched that no trace of roughness is found therein. Available in the color raven and caramel, it also provides color customization services. Moreover, embossing and embroidery services are also available but with extra charge. Starting with a minimum range of $95, it can increase according to your preferences.


Is an Apple MacBook leather sleeve affordable? It entirely depends on your budget. The leather sleeves are available from as low as $60 to as high as $200. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose the one suitable for you.

What can you find in most of the leather sleeves? It’s the elegance that leather provides and, most importantly, the ability to protect the product therein. However, what may look like leather on the outside may not be genuine leather. So be vigilant while choosing the brand and product for yourself.

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