Is Nitrogen More Advantageous than Compressed Air for Tyres?

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Using nitrogen to inflate your tyres is a new trend. Many users fill their tyres with nitrogen to just follow the trend. They usually are not clear about the pros and cons of nitrogen in tyres. According to the experts, nitrogen stays in the tyres for a long time in comparison to normal air. This advantage goes in favour of nitrogen.

However, it is vital to see another side of the coin as well before concluding. A considerable fact is that 78% of normal air is nitrogen. It is a colourless, dry, and odourless gas that is inert in nature.

Is there any difference?

Experts agree on this point that air is supposed to seep out of the tiny holes of tyres gradually. Therefore the driver has to check the air pressure repeatedly. Nitrogen molecules are bigger in size. Therefore, the loss of pressure is less with nitrogen.

Air has moisture that is supposed to turn into liquid. Pumping the air into the tyres changes the liquid into a gaseous state again. This process expands the air to increase the air pressure. This process is absent in the tyres when they are inflated with nitrogen since nitrogen is dry in nature.

Nitrogen’s advantages at a glance

We have mentioned above that nitrogen will not seep out of the tyres easily because of its larger molecules. It means this gas keeps your tyres in a good shape for a longer period.

While your tyres are functioning on the road with correct air pressure, you will get all the benefits related to proper tyre inflation. You will have a smooth driving experience along with better handling. The rate of uneven tread wear will be reduced and you will observe improved fuel economy. Tyres with proper air pressure are going to serve you for more years. This is also an example of the benefits of nitrogen.

What about using air on tyres?

In fact, nitrogen seems more advantageous but the air has no disadvantages. People have been using compressed air for many decades and they never felt disappointed.

As another considerable point, you can find air everywhere. Nitrogen, on the other hand, is not easily reachable. Only a few service centers have nitrogen and you have to pay for this inert gas.

Once you have started using nitrogen in your tyres, you have to fill them with nitrogen only if you want to get the proper benefits of nitrogen. However, if you cannot find nitrogen, you can fill your tyres with compressed air even if your tyres are already filled with nitrogen.

Air mixed with nitrogen is not going to cause any harmful effects. You have to consider that air already has a larger percentage of nitrogen. So, there will not be any harmful reaction.

Keep your tyres properly inflated

Tyre manufacturers want you to keep your tyres properly inflated. You can use nitrogen or normal compressed air but your choice will not affect the basic rules.

The basic rules for tyre inflation level will be always the same. You have to check the pressure regularly even with nitrogen. It is true nitrogen takes a longer period to escape but you have to check the pressure sooner or later.

Is there any conclusion?

A conclusive end of this discussion is not possible. People use compressed air in Car Tyres Wolverhampton from the time of the invention of air-filled tyres. Air is free and it is available easily. You have to pay for nitrogen but it is not a big deal if you can afford it. So, the final choice is based on your preferences, budget, and driving conditions. Your tyres will face the consequences of low or overinflation even with nitrogen if you do not inflate your tyres correctly.

Thus, there is not a big difference between using compressed air or nitrogen.

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