Leading Virtual Event Platforms

Leading Virtual Event Platforms

With the pandemic taking over the world, virtual events have become an integral part of our lives. We are sure you all must have attended a virtual event in the past two years. This trend indicates that virtual events are here to stay for a long time to come. Therefore, it is high time you take the digital route for conducting your events. Taking the help of a virtual event platform can help you host a successful virtual event. Therefore, this article will tell you about the leading virtual event platforms for hosting your online events.


Dreamcast is one of the best virtual event platforms. Its popularity stems from its unique feature of 100% customization. In other words, the Dreamcast platform lets you fully customize every aspect of your virtual event platform. For instance, if you want to conduct an expo in the desert of Dubai, this platform will design a customized event experience. Moreover, this platform uses 3D animation and 360-degree live tours to create a real-like experience for the attendees. The main goal of this platform is to ensure that the attendees do not miss the physical event experience. There are various other key features of this platform. Let us have a look –

  • AI Matchmaking – This tool provides best match recommendations to the attendees based on their goals and common interests.
  • Virtual Photobooth – Virtual photobooth allows the attendees to take pictures as memory and helps boost engagement.
  • Networking Tables – This platform allows you to set up multiple networking tables within an event or a meeting. This helps boost networking among the attendees.
  • Gamification – This feature allows you to include online games in your virtual event and boost attendee engagement.
  • Dynamic Banners – With dynamic banners, you can display multiple brand logos at the same time on a single banner. This helps increase brand visibility leading to an increase in sponsorship opportunities.
  • 24×7 Support – 24×7 support helps you fix the issues immediately and reduce the attendee drop-off rates.
  • Security – It provides advanced security features like attendee access control and makes sure that none of your details get leaked.


Accelevents is another virtual event solution provider that helps you organize both virtual and hybrid events. It is an affordable solution but lacks features compared to other virtual event platforms. This platform comes with a few features like live chat, customized booths, and live streaming. However, it lacks some unique and advanced features like AI matchmaking, attendee access control, and gamification. It is a great option for small and medium-sized companies that want limited features at an affordable price. Given below are its other features –

  • Event Customization
  • Booking and registration
  • 1:1 networking
  • Monetization and Gamification
  • Real-time data analytics and security
  • Third-party integration


Bevy is a platform that provides both online and in-person event solutions. But post the pandemic, the platform has started focusing on virtual events. This platform is known for its best-in-class customer support and security features. Bevy doesn’t let your data get compromised. Following are its key features –

  • Unlimited video calls and the number of attendees
  • Live chats
  • Q&A sessions
  • Virtual booths
  • Networking tables


It started as a platform that helped organizations choose venues for physical events and has now moved towards hosting virtual events. This is a relatively new organization in this space. Convene also provides features such as browser-based solutions, unlimited attendees, live support, post-event analytics, and live polls. You can select from among its packages depending on your budget.

Run the World

Run the world is the latest virtual meeting platform that has ventured into this area at the beginning of 2020. Just like other virtual event solution providers, Run the world also provides engagement and networking features. Following are its crucial features –

  • Q&A sessions
  • Round Table
  • 1:1 networking
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Live polls and audio/video calls
  • Virtual exhibition booths


Aventri is a popular virtual and hybrid event platform. Similar to other platforms, this platform also provides features like registration, networking, engagement, customized virtual booths, analytics and reporting, and sponsorship opportunities. One of its biggest advantages is that it provides event marketing and promotion support. Following are its benefits –

  • Automation
  • schedule 1:1 meetings and live chat
  • Increased brand visibility and impact
  • Get detailed event analytics and reporting


Cvent is another platform that hosts both virtual and hybrid events. Let’s you host all types of virtual and hybrid events, from meetings to exhibitions. It has a dedicated event website that allows the attendees to register and pay for the event. The provides a few essential features like –

  • Minimal data tracking
  • Helps create interactive content
  • 1:1 meetings
  • Provides marketing and promotion support
  • Engagement features like Q&A sessions
  • Accessible


Hopin is an affordable event platform that caters to both virtual and hybrid events. It provides you with advanced networking and engagement opportunities. Here are its main features –

  • It is easy to use
  • Live chats
  • Quizzes and Q&A sessions
  • Helps build an attractive landing page
  • Helps increase brand visibility through dynamic banners
  • 24×7 support


ON24 is an online event platform that helps you host webinars. If you are looking for a webinar platform that helps you establish a one-way communication with the attendees and do not want to focus on attendee engagement and networking, ON24 is your best bet. In addition to the above, ON24 also provides live streaming services. It also provides other features like breakout rooms, live chat, live demo, and creating personalized content.


VFairs is one of the best virtual event platforms that help you create immersive event experiences with the help of its unique engagement and networking features. It hosts all types of virtual and hybrid events like meetings, conferences, trade shows, etc. Moreover, it provides advanced data tracking and security features making it highly secure for your business. Here are some of its other essential features –

  • Live chat and 1:1 meetings
  • Allows setting up of multiple networking tables
  • Marketing and promotion support
  • Live event support
  • Gamification
  • Analytics and Reporting

Summing Up

Hope this article helped you find out the leading virtual event platforms to host a virtual event. Make sure you match your requirements with the features of the platform before making your decision.

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