Media Buying Agency: 7 Steps To Plan Out Well

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Willing to invest in media buying? It is time to approach the right media buying agency with 7 steps plan. Continue to read the article to achieve your marketing goals without overspending your budget. Feel free to visit the website to learn more!

A wise man once said “creative without a plan is called. Creative with a strategy is called advertisement.” And we could never agree more.

When it comes to media buying- it is not all about creating banners and reserving ads spots to display them. Rather than the concept revolves around what to show, when to show and where to show to get the best outcome of the entire advertising efforts. A brand might have the best advertisement banner but it would be worthless if the target audience won’t see it. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the right place of advertisement as it can either bring desired revenue or leave the brand penniless.

So, how does a media buying agency in Delhi makes more revenue out of advertisement campaign by spending less money? Let’s find out…

What is the media buying process?

Right before you move to the steps to plan out, you need to comprehend what is a media buying process. As the term refers, media buying is a strategic wholesome multi-platform arrangement, negotiation, and purchase aimed to find the right platform for the most advantageous ad placement at the lowest price. Nowadays, the majority of the companies acquire special media buying agencies backend by media planning professionals to automate the entire process.

As media buying falls under the paid advertisement category, companies need to consider the procurement of ads space and time of display which will eventually require a lot of media planning.

5 Steps of exceptional media buying plan

When you proceed with media buying the ultimate aim is to find the best platform, time, and context to a top advertising agency to ensure it reaches, engages, and converts the target audience. At any stage, media planning is crucial for the entire buying process. Here, we have highlighted 5 steps of an exceptional media buying plan:

Identify your target audience

The first step of creating an exceptional media buying plan is to identify your target audience in the market and investigate their preferences for your products or services. On a further note, distribute your target customers into different segments based on- age, gender, social status, area, locality, and interest to find out with whom you are actually going to deal.

Define your goals

Once you have identified the audience you are going to target, the next thing you need to do is define goals to measure your success or failure. Remember, you need to have a measurement method in place to know how far you have come and how far you need to go. Maybe you want 3% conversion from exposure, or maybe you want at least 10% of people who see your brand message to visit your page. Only by setting up clear goals, you can measure whether your media planning is delivering results you have expected or not.

Conduct research on competitors

Once you define your goals, the next step of the process is conducting research on competitors to analyze how their media buying strategies are performing. Find out where your competitors are advertising, whom they are targeting, what time slots work best for their ads, and even learn what didn’t work for them. Doing this will give you a roadmap of an effective media buying plan and will save time and money as you won’t repeat the same mistake with your media buying agency.

List down preferred channels

Different media buying agencies use different strategies, while some agencies focus on one channel at a time, others simply buy ad space simultaneously through, radio, TV, online, social media, and other channels.

However, the whole process can be a bit challenging- for every media channel, there must be a specifically detailed message altered just to fit that channel. No wonder, media buying agency in Delhi has a team of media professionals who have in-depth knowledge of how programmatic media works and can get real-time ad space in no time.

Allocate the budget

After finalizing the media channel for ads, it is time to spend some money on programmatic buying. To ensure you don’t overspend, set the limit and target on return on investment you want to achieve. Allocate the budget on the campaign as per the result you expect to achieve.

Learn to negotiate

Whether you choose to advertise on radio, TV, or any social media channel, it is significant to negotiate the price of the media ad placement before giving it a green signal. Keep looking for open windows, deals, discounts, or bonuses that vendors are ready to provide. On the top, you can also reach out to influencers to negotiate with the deal.

Execute your plan

You have chosen the right platform, created the right message, negotiated on the prices and now it is time to launch it in one go. During this final stage of the whole process, the key responsibility of the advertising agency in Delhi is to ensure effective media delivery.

An experienced media agency will analyze and help you to understand what is working and what is not for your campaign. Promodome- one of the most renowned media buying agencies in Delhi that goes beyond the actual transaction of money and ads to deliver desired results in no time. Feel free to visit the website to learn more!

Finding as much about your media buying agency as possible is always beneficial. All these factors will aid you in getting the right agency for your advertising on the media. Communicate with the buyer and they will provide you with the best experience.

Many media buying agencies only fulfill one task: media buying. Although they are good at it, they limit themselves to just one service. On the other hand, there are several agencies that offer more than just media buying. With immersive services, such agencies are proven to be more effective in overall marketing as they can fulfill the major tasks by themselves.

In this article, the author explained the ways to pick the right radio advertising agency in Delhi. The author has also put light on how media buying is an essential part of advertising.

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