Mobile App Development Process Steps to Build Your First Successful App


It has been expected that by 2025, $270 billion will be spent on the Google Play and App Store by the user. It has also been expected that by 2026, $11.96 billion will be the worth of enterprise mobility.

A number of businesses and taking interest in the benefits that this trend offers. Also, the successful creation of the apps is not known to a lot of companies.

Now I am going to describe the mobile app development process steps to build your first successful app.

1. Define the strategy – In order to successfully create an app from an idea you have to define your strategy. The objectives of two different apps may be different. Here you have to do a number of things:

  • App users’ identification.
  • Perform competitive research.
  • Set the objectives and goals of the app.
  • For your app, pick a mobile platform.

2. Analyze and plan – Here you have to develop the actual project by giving a shape to your app idea. You have to capture the functional requirements and define use cases so that you can analyze and plan. It is necessary to build a roadmap for the product after the identification of the app requirements. You need to prioritize the requirements for the mobile app. After this, group these requirements in a number of delivery milestones. Defining the minimum viable product (MVP) becomes necessary if you are concerned about costs, resources and time. In order to launch the product for the first time, give priority to minimum viable product (MVP). The app development process requires some skills. You need to identify these skills in the planning phase. For instance, the technology stacks are different when developing mobile platforms for Android and iOS. If for Android mobile as well as for iOS mobile you want to create a mobile app then you need Android developers and iOS developers in your development team.

3. User interface/user experience design – Delivering a user experience that is effortless and seamless is the goal of designing an app. The way by which the features of the mobile app benefit the users and how they adopt these features, determines the mobile app’s success. Creating a user-friendly, intuitive and interactive app and providing a very good user experience is the objective of the UI/UX design for the mobile app. If you want to simulate the workflows of an app as well as its user experience then you can get a lot of help by developing a prototype.

4. Development of app – In the process of developing a mobile app an integral part is the planning. You need to do a number of things before making efforts for programming or development:

  • Defining the milestones for the development
  • Picking a technology stack
  • Defining the technical architecture

Front-end of the mobile app, API(s) and technology of server/back-end are the integral parts of the project for a mobile app.

5. Testing of app – In order to create secure, usable and stable applications you need to test the app for quality assurance. Addressing the app testing’s all aspects by preparing the test cases is necessary for ensuring the app’s QA testing in a comprehensive manner. In testing a mobile app, the test cases serve the purpose just like in the development of a mobile app, use cases serve the purpose. The test cases perform a number of tasks:

  • These perform steps of testing.
  • For evaluation of the software quality, these record test results.
  • For the purpose of retesting, these track the fixes.

If in the stages of analysis and design you involve the QA team then you can consider this practice approach as the best. Producing accurate test cases is possible if you are familiar with the objectives and functional requirements of your app.

6. App deployment and support – You need to submit the Android app to Google Play and iOS app to the Apple App Store if you want to release these for mobile phones. If you want to launch a mobile app then for the Google Play Store as well as for the Apple App Store a developer account will be needed by you. 

You need to prepare for a number of things for releasing an app in the app store:

  • The title of your app
  • Description
  • Category
  • Keywords
  • An icon for launching the app
  • Screenshots of the app store

If you take interest in getting the services of Android App development then contact an Android Application Development Company.

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