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The Janome Memory Craft 6650 is an extremely multi-purpose sewing machine. It is loaded with features, such as 170 stitches, two alphabets, an independent bobbin winding, as well as the maximum rate of 1,000 stitches every minute. It’s great to quilt and for all sorts of projects at home. It is a sturdy and quiet, but powerful machine. The exterior body and internal frame are made of metal, so it’s a bit heavy, however it’s not too bad. Owner reviews for the MC6650 are extremely high, however, it’s best suited for experienced sewers. It’s not an ideal choice for the beginner or anyone looking to make it portable.

Consumer Ratings

We found more than 100 owner reviews at a variety of prominent online retailers (see below for table). When a weighted mean was applied to these data we came up with the sew-in machine rating of 92.2 out of 100. This is a great score, and you can check it against the scores for other machines on our table with ratings for sewing machines.


An in-depth analysis/review of owner comments has resulted in the following Pros and Cons of the MC6650.


– Highly efficient machine

– Quiet operation

– Makes beautiful stitches

-Ample sewing space

-Very good lighting

– Perfect for free-motion quilting

– Very easy to use controls

-Feels solid and solid

-There are many options for stitching.

– Bobbin winder that is separate


– Heavy machine

– Some struggle while setting tension

-There is no knee lift.

-No presser foot for 1/4 inch.

What do owners have to say?

The user ratings for this machine are very good (as shown with the 92%+ score). We’ve read a variety of highly positive feedback like “a pleasure using”, “love this machine”, “sews like a dream” “a powerful machine” “stitching is stunning”.

The people seem happy and perhaps a bit shocked by the power of this machine (has no issue with heavy fabric) and capable of running at a low level. It is possible that people are conditioned to associate power with noise, however that’s not the situation when using the MC6650.

The sewing machine is robust and durable, with the capacity to sew with ease and create stunning stitches.

Some of the most well-known features include bright lighting as well as the independent bobbin winder and self-tying needle and thread cutter along with the push-button that lets you start and stop. Users also love how simple it is to remove feeding dogs. Overall , the controls of the machine are quite simple to use. You can also read brother cs6000i review to know more about this amazing sewing machine

Many have praised the spacious sewing area. It is 10.2 inches in size by 4.7 inches. The huge area is ideal to quilt free-motion.

Although it is “sturdy” it’s very heavy. This could be a plus or con depending on what you need. If you’re looking for something that’s portable this could be a problem however if you’re looking for something that can be hung on your table, it could be a benefit.

Some users have expressed displeasure that the MC6650’s accessories do not come with a knee lift or a 1/4-inch presser foot, however they are available separately.

Do you want to get the MCR6650 or the MC6700P?

The two sewing machines are identical, but the MC6700P comes with greater features, and it is more costly among the two. The following are the major distinctions between the two machines.

Be aware those are only the major difference between both machines. There are other minor distinctions not listed here and the MC6700P is also equipped with many more features.

Key MC6650 Specifications for the Key

  • 170 stitches
  • 9 buttonholes
  • Two two alphabets (block and script lower and upper case)
  • Favorite stitch setting default
  • Start/stop button
  • Maximum sewing speed is 1000 stitches per minute.
  • Maximum stitch length is 5mm.
  • Max stitch width = 9 mm
  • Top loading full rotary hook bobbin
  • Controlling thread tension manually
  • Recall the needle’s up/down
  • Neel threader built-in
  • Reverse button
  • Motorized bobbin winding that is independent
  • Bobbin winder with automatic declutch
  • Locking button to stitch
  • Knee lift capacity
  • Presser foot pressure adjustment
  • Extra high presser foot lift
  • Seven-piece food dogs
  • Drop feed capable (via drop feed lever)
  • 3.6 inch control panel LCD
  • Speed control slider
  • Retractable thread guide
  • Thread cutter that is automatic and programmable
  • Mirror image stitching
  • Stitch elongation
  • The last stitch of recall
  • 20 memory banks to store stitch sequences
  • 10-inch flatbed of metal work space

Other Characteristics & Features

The MC6650 features an aluminum exterior body and an aluminum frame inside. This is quite a large machine, and despite the aluminum used in its construction it weighs an impressive 24.3 pounds. This is a bad choice for an item that you can take to sewing classes or gatherings.

The lighting in this unit is fantastic. It’s been our experience that lighting is on a variety of devices that aren’t as good and need to be improved. This isn’t the case with the MC6650 , and it is equipped with three sets of lights made up of two LED’s. This method provides an area that is well lit and minimizes shadows.

This machine doesn’t come with a free arm and no knee lift available. It has a knee lift feature but you’ll need to purchase one to utilize the feature.


The MC6650 has a range of presser foot options, including those that include: zig-zag feet, open-toe foot, zipper foot darning foot automatic buttonhole foot free-motion quilting zig-zag feet as well as a rolled hem foot blind hem foot and satin stitch foot. overcast foot, overcast foot. There is also seam ripper, filt brush, small and large caps for spools, spool rests as well as a buttonhole stabilizer plate as well as a quilting reference, needles and a screwdriver, as well as straight stitch needle plates as well as a zig-zag needle plate.

Furthermore, you’ll receive a cover for your sewing machine that is soft along with a power cord of 6 feet and a foot controller as well as an instructional DVD and an operating guide.


This Janome Memory Craft 6650 carries an extended warranty of 25 years. It doesn’t mean that the entire model is protected for a period of 25 years. Instead, it is broken down in the following ways:

  • 25-year warranty on mechanical components
  • 5-year warranty on electrical parts
  • 1-year labor

Sewing Machine Manual

The manual for the MC6650 is full of 108 pages and is extremely detailed. It also contains nicely drawn illustrations that are quite simple to follow. It outlines the different components of the machine, and discusses topics such as how to prepare to sew, the various sewing machine functions, basic sewing patterns that comes with lx3817 brother, such as decorative stitches, patterns, monogramming as well as sewing machine care and maintenance. To find the most amazing sewing machine with easy to understand manual, you can go for this model.

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