Monsoon Tyre Care Tips For Your Safety

manoosn Tyre Care Tips

The monsoon season can be rough on your car, especially your tyres. While the rain brings you relief from the heat, it also brings with it the risk of your tyres skidding and your car getting into an accident. During the rainy season, driving should be done cautiously, and your focus should be on the road at all times. The potholes and the bumps will make it worse.

While you cannot avoid going out during the monsoons, taking care of your car tyre and that of your car should be a priority whenever you venture out. In some worse case road condition scenarios, maintaining safety not just of yours but also your passengers is in your hand. Below find some monsoon car tyres and car care tips to help you go by quickly.

Inspect Your Tyres Fully Before Monsoon 

It is better to stay on top of your inspection when it comes to your car to avoid any hassle later. Inspecting the Goodyear tyres Coventry before the monsoon arrives will significantly help you avoid situations involving skidding or aquaplaning, or even worse. If your tyres are old and worn out with minimum tyre tread, opt for immediate tyre replacement. 

If you cannot physically inspect yourself, go for professional help. Most of the modern models come with a car tyre tread indicator which shows whether your car is well within the safe limits or not. The penny test can help you to inspect yourself physically. If the tyre tread is low, it means the tyre is worn out, and shallow tyre tread can cause aquaplaning easily. 

Replacing And Installing New Car Tyres

Some prefer to replace one tyre while some go for two. However, when changing tyres, it is essential to change all four together and the spare tyre. A new set of front tyres with an old set of rear tyres can lead to heavy cornering jeopardising your life. If you cannot invest in all four together, it is best to install the new set of car tyres at the rear and the old ones at the front.

When you use old tyres, heavy braking occurs due to the presence of water and other kinds of debris and such. Therefore, during monsoon, you must be careful of driving and strictly adhere to the speed limits. Installing the old tyres at the front, even if there is a loss of road grip, will result in an understeer phenomenon, which is better than oversteer.

Maintaining Accurate Tyre Pressure Every Time, You Go Out

Many car drivers believe in keeping the tyre pressure low during the monsoon to increase traction. However, this will not benefit you, and though it makes sense, it is not something you should follow through. Maintaining under-inflated car tyres will result in more stress and wear and tear on the tyres causing an exponential increase in chances of tyre blowouts.

With more surface contact, there would be more heat generated, affecting the ways your tyres perform. Again, over-inflated tyres will result in less surface contact, leading to loss of road grip. Be careful and follow the car manual to get your tyres properly inflated.

Maintain Tyre Cleanliness 

During the monsoon, with mud and debris everywhere, your Tyres Coventry will get dirty. During this season, you have to give your car tyres a bit more attention and care, including cleaning the tyres with water every day if possible. Also, ensure you thoroughly remove the mud from the sidewalls to keep them looking new and get better performance. 

You can even go for tyre wax which would help protect the tyres to keep debris and mud away. Drive carefully and avoid taking sharp turns, stepping on the accelerator then and now and driving into potholes. If you can invest in one, carry a spare tyre because unwanted situations can happen anytime and is a must when travelling long distances. Keep your tyres monsoon ready so that you can go out anytime you want without a worry.

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