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Sustainable textile

It is heartening to see that an increasing number of individuals are becoming aware of the need of wearing responsibly for the environment. Isn’t it amazing that the fashion industry’s creatives, retailers, Textile Designer ,journalists, and consumers are all working together to make things better? One of the most visible examples is the rise of ecologically friendly fashion events that are currently being planned for a number of locations throughout the world. Following that, we’ll go through some upcoming events that you won’t want to miss.

Remember that these are only a few of the options. Get in contact with individuals you already know and get involved. This is because ecologically friendly clothing is becoming increasingly trendy.


This event contributes to the advancement of the sustainable fashion movement by supporting sustainable practices and social responsibility in the fashion industry. There are companies all throughout the manufacturing and distribution chain that are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all aspects of their operations, including the design, manufacture, and advertising of the clothing they sell. These companies may be discovered.


This conference brings together significant brains from a number of industries to help the fashion industry grow. This would indicate that the fashion industry’s development is both visible and deliberate. Starting with the raw materials and going all the way up to the end consumer, the textile industry as a whole must move to a more environmentally friendly manufacturing model.

REMODE is an event that all fashion companies, whether established or new, should attend. It is both educational and energizing. Business leaders and financial supporters’ ideas will also be a driving factor behind innovation. Anyone interested in assisting us in developing viable solutions for the ecologically friendly apparel industry is welcome to join us.


A trade expo, a conference, a fashion show, a thinkathon, networking opportunities, and the Neonyt after-party are among the events. Their motto is “EVOLVE. IN. STYLE. A collective effort, originality, ecological awareness, and cutting-edge tools enable us to achieve all of this.” It’s a hub for commerce, creativity, knowledge, fun, and friendship all under one roof.

The significance of water was a central topic at this year’s Neonyt festival. Without water, there could be no industry, farming, or human existence. Fashion is something that must be dealt with. There is a possibility that the fashion industry will shift to value-based expansion. Businesses, people, and the planet will all benefit from this method.


The motivation for this event was the need to talk about the destructive effects that the fashion industry has on the environment. The textile and garment industries in Australia are working together on this Conference.


If you are in Asia, you must attend this Summit because it is a wonderful example of how Asian countries are cooperating with one another to bring about positive changes in the fashion industry. Why is this so important? Because the majority of clothing worn around the world is produced on this continent.

In 2019, we were tasked with “achieving the targets,” which is a lovely phrase that necessitates unwavering dedication. This is a strategy for spreading the word about the role that the fashion industry can play in bringing about a sea change toward more environmentally responsible garment manufacturing.

The Hong Kong Fashion Summit attracts influential people from academia, the fashion industry, non-governmental organizations, the media, and the government, and it also serves as a venue for individuals from all over the world to exchange knowledge on the most current sustainable fashion trends on textile, technologies, best practices, solutions, and opportunities.

There is no doubt that the Hong Kong Fashion Summit 2020 should be held the following year.


Who’s Next is a prestigious international trade show for the fashion industry that has partnered with IMPACT to promote sustainable fashion. A number of influential companies and speakers in the fashion industry met to discuss how to make the industry more environmentally friendly. Who’s Next is held in New York City.

The convergence of fashion, art, creative expression, and ecologically responsible practices will be honored at this event via events like the IMPACT party, pop-up stores, and seminars in which attendees will be able to take an active role.


It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Fashion Revolution in textile has spread globally. Also, anyone interested in fashion that respects both people and the environment would feel at home in this atmosphere.

The #whomademyclothes campaign is organized each year during Fashion Revolution Week in April as a tribute to the Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013, with the goal of improving supply chain transparency and drawing attention to garment manufacturers and employees.

Fashion Revolution events take place all year long, and anyone from all over the world is welcome to participate. Look for a local chapter in your area and join up to become a member of it.


 It is a relief that eco-friendliness has quickly gained prominence in the fashion industry. However, it means that loftier goals, such as those related to the environment, human rights, and the depletion of natural resources, can be pursued. A ten-year conference to show top-level executives in the fashion industry. Moreover, it is critical to change how clothes are produced, advertised, and purchased.

 The pursuit of sustainability is not an act of altruism; it is high on the list of global priorities compiled by the United Nations (UN). Furthermore, there is a growing demand from customers. You can expect to hear from excellent presenters during the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. As well as opportunities to network, debate, and delve deeper into specific topics during a break.

 It’s important to remember that you don’t have to wait for anything to happen before taking action; switching to eco-friendly clothing is one option you can look into right away. The World Economic Forum has identified the following five strategies as the most effective for advancing sustainable fashion:


Interfilière Hong Kong is a textile event, but many eco-friendly innovations are shown or debuted there. Over the course of two days, attendees will have the opportunity to network with representatives from some of the most cutting-edge mills, accessory suppliers, and original design manufacturers (ODMs) from around the world (ODM).

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