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Valuable Books For Your Little Ones

Every parent wants to buy the best books for their children. To buy the best book it is really important to know which books are valuable ones or which books could benefit your child? In order to know all this. We have curated a list of some of the most valuable books for kids. There are various children book publishers. But out of all we have listed the most valuable books from Pegasus.

Pegasus is a well-known children brand that deals in early learning books, workbooks, colouring books, activity books for kids, picture and story books, flashcards and charts, encyclopedias and puzzles for kids. Their products are for kids aged 0-12 years.

Most valuable books to add in your child’s bookshelf from Pegasus are:

  • My First Learning Bag

Little ones are always fascinated with the packaging. These bags are very cutely packed. The bag comes with 10 books in it. There are four different bags based on different themes: my first learning preschool bag, my first learning reading bag, my first learning activity bag and my first learning colouring bag. These bags are a perfect gifting option for toddlers.

  • Flashcards

Learning is made quite easy with these flashcards. Little ones get to learn the basics through these flashcards as all the preschool topics are well introduced. My first flashcards have made learning fun for toddlers. They get to know about alphabets, counting, colours, shapes, human body, fruits and vegetables. Flashcards develop fine motor skills, enhance visualisation skills, vocabulary development and memorising skills.

  • Charts

Charts are great for learning. Kids may get bored studying from books. Charts are an interactive way of learning. They could be hanged anywhere and are very handy. There are primary charts that introduce kids to alphabets, good habits, good manners, safety rules, roman numbers. Animal charts introducing various animals and charts related to the human body. Jumbo charts are new to this series.

  • Olympiad Books

Olympiad exams improve the overall performance of children and give them the opportunity to sharpen their skills. There are different olympiad books for kids based on science, english and maths. These books are good for kids aged 4 years and above. The kids get to practice with various exercises and sample papers.

  • My Ultimate Practice Workbook

Workbooks have proven to be very effective as they are able to reinforce the concepts very effectively in kids. The concepts are clearer with workbooks. My ultimate practice workbook is a series of four books focussing on handwriting, cursive writing, sight words and phonics. The little ones could practice in these workbooks.

  • First Moral Stories

These books are for preschoolers. At this age, it is important to teach kids the importance of being helpful, honest, kind and respectful. This series teaches children four of these moral values in the form of a story. This  books are beautifully illustrated and are die-cut books. Books are hardboard books that ensure durability. The books could be cleaned with a wet cloth if they get dirty and the pages are very thick. Little ones could not tear them off.

  • Indian Mythological Stories

In India, we worship a lot of Gods and Goddesses. It is really important to teach kids the value of every God. These values could be taught easily with these Indian Mythological Stories. These books focus on Indian Gods: Tales of Victorious Lord Ganesha, Tales of Mighty Hanuman, Tales of Compassionate Krishna, Tales of Righteous Lord Rama and Tales of Gracious Lord Shiva. There are short stories for little readers. Little ones could read these stories which are written in simple and easy language.

  • 500 Facts

Children are often interested in reading about amazing facts. This enhances their knowledge about the subject and they get to know various unknown facts. 500 facts is an interesting book to gain knowledge about any particular theme. Each book includes 500 well-researched facts about a specific subject. The subjects in this series are animals, dinosaurs, earth, history, human body, ocean world, science and space.

  • Self Help

Self help books are a valuable resource for kids. These books inspire kids and they start looking at the world more positively. The kids get to know how to handle situations if they come across any. They learn to deal with them on their own. These self help books are for young adults. The titles in this series are How to develop self confidence and influence people, How to stop worrying and start living, How to win friends and influence people.

  • Globetrotters

Globetrotters is a series which is loaded with thousands of amazing facts about each country. There are a lot of beautiful insights on every page of the book. Each country has got its own dedicated book. Kids would love to read these books and they will be entertained and thrilled. The books included in this series are: Made in Italy, Finding Friends in France, Hurray! It’s Brazil, The Secret uncovered in Egypt, Nothing Gets Lost in Japan, A Fairy Tales of Russia, Where West meets East! A trip to Turkey and Jordan and Castles of dream in England.

These are some of the valuable books that one could buy for their little ones. The kids are sure to love these books. They will definitely enjoy having these books on their shelf. Parents could look at more options too as Pegasus offers a wide range of products for kids. The products are of premium quality and they make sure to provide the products on time with much ease.

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