Things to Know if you Failed your MOT Test

What is MOT and why is it important?

MOT tests are performed to ensure that your vehicle fulfils both road and environmental safety criteria. MOT stands for ‘Ministry of Transport,’ and it is required for an automobile to undergo an MOT test three years after it has been registered to ensure that it is safe to drive.

An official blue sign with three triangles indicates that the test centre you’re at has been approved by the government to perform MOTs. It is also critical to remember that the MOT Bilston test is mandated by law, and following your first MOT test, you must have one every year.

Do you know why is it necessary for your automobile to undergo an MOT test, other than the fact that it is required by law?

MOT Bilston tests have undergone a long way since their commencement in the 1960s. This test was created for one purpose and one purpose only: to discover any flaws in your vehicle that might lead to accidents and jeopardise your life and the lives of others. The car owner must ensure that their vehicle is safe in every manner.

Several adjustments have been made to the test throughout the years as well. When it was first introduced, the only criterion necessary to pass the test was optimal tyre pressure. With technology improvements, of course, many more checks were included in the test, including checks on pollutants and gas emissions, making your car safe not only for you but also for the environment.

Types of MOT Failures

The reasons you fail your MOT can be broadly categorised into the following types. Depending on the type of defect that is listed as the reason for your MOT failure; you can determine what is going to happen with your vehicle.

Major Defects – if your MOT failure is due to a major defect, your vehicle can be driven if the old MOT certificate is still valid. If it has expired, the automobile can only be driven to a workshop during an appointment, and you must have a record of the appointment to show the authorities if you are stopped over.

Dangerous Defects – An automobile with a dangerous flaw will fail its MOT and cannot be driven under any circumstances.

Minor Defects – A minor defect is not a reason for an MOT failure. Even if there exists faulty equipment in your vehicle it may not be up to the point where they need to be repaired and retested right away.

Common Reasons behind an MOT fail

Windscreen Cracked or Damaged- Ensure that any damage in the driver’s field of vision is no more than 10mm or 40mm in the whole swept area to avoid MOT failure.

Vehicle Horn and Seatbelts- The seatbelts in your vehicle must be the correct length, in excellent functioning order, and have adequate restraint systems, and the horn must be operational and loud enough for other vehicles to hear.

Checking for Fuel Emissions and Exhaust- Ensure that your vehicle’s exhaust and fuel emissions are free of leaks, and that fuel emission are kept under the acceptable limit.

Properly Maintained Suspension and Steering- Avoid MOT failure by making sure the steering of your vehicles is precise and lacks “free play” and the suspension is devoid of splits and distortions.

Tyres that have been worn out Make sure the tyres are securely fastened with wheel nuts and in good condition during your pre-check. Rips, cuts, and tread separation are all absent.

Auto Parts That Have Been Damaged- Make sure that all of the body elements, such as the engine mounts, seats, bonnet, boot, and doors, are free of corrosion or wear and tear that might cause injury.

What happens after you fail MOT?

Don’t fret too much about it since you can retake an MOT Brierley Hill Test within 10 days, giving you plenty of time to have everything in your car ready for the retest. Additionally, the cost of an MOT Test the second time around is half as much if your vehicle has been repaired.

If your vehicle fails its MOT before its previous MOT certificate expires, you can still drive it if it fails due to minor problems alone, according to the rules and regulations for passing and failing MOT Tests. However, because it is needed by law, you should avoid driving without an MOT certificate. If you took your vehicle for an early MOT Test and still have a valid MOT certificate, you can still drive to get the repairs done, even after failing the new MOT test. It’s also worth noting that if you’re caught in this situation, you might face prosecution.

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