NBA 2K23 Gameplay Improvements

NBA 2K23 Gameplay Improvements

Recently this time 2K sports announced a lot of information about NBA 2K23. For example, NBA 2K23 release time, cover athletes, gameplay improvements, etc. One of the most important concerns of players is the improvement of NBA 2K23 gameplay. Here we will give you a brief introduction.

When will NBA 2K23 be released?

This game will be officially released on September 9, we still need to wait for a month. If you want to get into this game you can pre-order it first. When you pre-order the game you can get some rewards. These rewards include a lot of NBA 2K MT and some unique items.

Who is the cover athlete of NBA 2K23?

There are several different versions of NBA 2K23, which means several different cover athletes.

  • Devin Booker: Cover Athlete for Standard Edition
  • Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi: Cover Athlete for WNBA Edition
  • Michael Jordan: Cover Athlete for Michael Jordan Edition and Championship Edition

When we purchase NBA 2K23, we can choose one of these editions from above. We will receive some unique bonuses when we pre-order these editions, such as a 12-month League Pass subscription.

2K Sports recently announced gameplay improvements on the official blog of NBA 2K23. This is what players are most concerned about. Many players have been discussing the gameplay of NBA 2K23 recently. Here we will give you a brief introduction to NBA 2K23 gameplay.

NBA 2K23 Gameplay Improvements

NBA 2K23 is coming soon and it features gameplay enhancements that boost the intensity of competition in every aspect. It has a host of new improvements to its gameplay.

Is ACE trustworthy?

I think players should collectively say “no” to this question. I do think ACE has a bit of a bad reputation because not everyone hates the idea of ACE, but 2K won’t allow us to shut it down properly. When it was theoretically shut down, we tried to do what ACE was trying to do.

OS user alabamarob summed up some of the problems in the past:

Making defensive settings work. If I can get players to help and sag off of non-shooters, then every other thing on defense can be corrected to a playable level. If you want to run 5 points with Clint Capela as the center, then I should be able to keep the guy defending him around the basket to help the others.

OS user vannwolfhawk talks more about the long-standing problem of AI in offline games:

Over the years, Ace has overtaken player tendencies and play styles. It breaks the game offline as well as daily game updates and patches. Some people may not notice it, and some may not care, but it can negatively impact teams playing like themselves. We have to rely on 2K to make adjustments to it behind the scenes.

When game updates happen they sometimes inevitably mess up your sliders etc. 2K can try to gate certain mode changes etc. but the bleeding will always happen. That said, 2K does make too many changes, and it’s too radical to make them early in the game’s life.

The defense was the main focus last year?

The blog mentions blocking spacing, which is great. the AI does need to know how to better use blocking to beat humans. I would like to see more information on AI defensive blocking because that is a real struggle. User hedge defenders are much better than AI, which means you can consistently pick AI. the AI has a hard time playing 2-on-1 defense, and the other defenders don’t provide enough support on the backline to compensate for those problems.

Players have become concerned about defense after viewing the changes to NBA 2K23 gameplay. Some of these can be traced back to ACE, and some of them can be traced back to help defense in video games.

Some of these concerns were also mentioned in the NBA 2K23 Gameplay Blog published by 2K Sports. It also discusses how the defense will game plan for your best players. Instead, there are more nuances to the game plan around defense and offense to try to create something that feels more unique to the game. There’s also a “prove it” element where the AI will let you beat a defense before adjusting.

Can We Get More Fouls?

Similar to the speed issue, fouls are also a topic of discussion on the forums. OS users want more fouls, but we just want proper interaction and decisions. Body slams are another “cheat” that 2K relies on to fix the defense so it can slow down the offense. 2K did mention the new closing block animation to try to avoid hitting the shooter.

Shooting Will Be A Big TBD

This year 2K’s shooting has changed a lot. Shooting has also gotten some nice upgrades. The first major change is the addition of shooting attributes. Since the introduction of 2K basketball’s iconic jump shots, the animations have been more or less aesthetically pleasing, but functionally the same. This year, each iconic jump shot has unique shooting stats that help determine its effectiveness.

There are 15 different shot meters in the game, some of which are from previous versions of NBA 2K. some of which must be unlocked during the season. In addition, shot feedback will be slightly later than in NBA 2K22.

This change was implemented to prevent killing the drama that exists in real life when releasing shots and players competing for rebounding positions.

I don’t think there’s a real way to please everyone here, but I think 2K is making some smart choices. 2K has removed true shooting percentages from online play, which is the game the Park crowd loves.

The blog discusses a different shot meter, the concession of a larger green window for certain shot animations at the expense of a penalty for missing that window, etc. I don’t think all of these changes together will solve the open shot problem that still boils down to “greening” the shot, but other than that open jumper conundrum, there seems to be a lot of positives here.


2K Sports is great at promoting their games, but players would prefer they improve the NBA 2K23 gameplay. The community just seems to want 2K to show some backbone after release.

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