Packaging Your Playing Cards: Creating An Exceptional Piece of Art


Playing cards and card games have been around for centuries. Even today, many people still play with playing cards on a regular basis. But what about the boxes that hold them? What do they look like? Do you know how to make your packaging an exceptional piece of art? 

In this blog post, we will go over different methods through which you can make your printed play card boxes an exceptional piece of art. We will also talk about how you can excel at the packaging of your playing cards by creating a personalized and distinctive package that will set your company apart from its competitors in the industry. 

Printing Your Playing Card Boxes 

There are many different printing methods that can be used to print your playing card boxes. Depending on the type of printer you have, some may work better than others. Here is a list of all types of printers and what they can produce: Screen Printing (silkscreen) – Offset Presses – Digital Printers 

When it comes to choosing which method is best for your business, there are two important things you should keep in mind: turnaround time & quality control. These two factors will determine how quickly you receive an order or how long it takes before shipping out cards into distribution channels. 

Cardboard Tuck End Boxes 

The best packaging material to use for packing cards is cardboard. The most common type of cardboard use for making the tuck end box is called “Chipboard” and comes in three paperweights: 300gsm, 400gsm & 500gsm. 

Every court card needs to be individualize because each one has different elements that need to be capture perfectly. You will have a lot more time if you design your deck before it goes into production with manufacturing companies that specialize in printing playing cards.

However, some designers still prefer designing after the fact, which means they are sending their decks out without any artwork on them, so all customizing can take place during this phase of production instead. 

The Size of the Playing Cards’ Boxes 

You can customize the boxes in any size. However, the standard size is 63.0mm x 88.0mm, which can fit a poker-sized deck of playing cards easily without making it look crowded. 

The Playing Card Boxes’ Material 

There are different materials that you can use to create your custom boxes for printing, such as cardboard paperboard and matte board or any other material that fits the specifications mentioned by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers have specs listed on their website, so be sure to check them out if they interest you in order to get an idea about what type of product would work well with your vision because not all printers offer everything under one roof, even though they may specialize in certain types of products only. 

Use Various Illustrations 

In order to make your playing card boxes beautiful and stand out from the rest, you should consider using colorful illustrations.

Also, it would be a brilliant idea to use photos of people involved in some interesting activities on cards for poker games because these types of images are bound to attract attention as well as create an emotional connection with potential buyers. 

Choose the Finishing Style Carefully 

As soon as your playing cards are ready to be package, you should take some time out in order to choose the finishing style.

If you use a good quality printer/finisher for printing, then it would make sense on your part to put their services at work when it comes to choosing colors and styles of packaging materials because they will know best how each material works with different types of printers/coaters. Also, keep in mind that if possible, you should always try getting samples before starting large-scale production.

Gloss Finish 

Gloss finish is one of the finishing styles that you can choose. If you are looking for a smooth finish, then gloss style is the one for you. This type of finishing gives your cards an added shine and protection against stains/dirt marks. The drawback, however, is that it makes the cards more slippery when in use.

Cello Finish 

This kind of finishing prevents dust or dirt from settling onto your playing card box,

which can cause damage over time if not taken care of in good time.

It protects well, but it reduces visibility since there isn’t much light let in one package with a cello wrapper (which has become standard practice).

Also, this type of printing doesn’t allow easy customization like full-color prints

do hence making them less desirable than glossy finishes even though they offer better protection. 

Matte Finish 

This type of finishing makes it easy to customize your cards since there is a lot more light left in during printing.

They protect well, too, but they are not as durable as glossy finishes,

and you might need wraps if you want better protection from dirt settling on the box surface or damage by water,

among other issues that can affect its quality over time. 

Make Your Packaging Worth Social Media Sharing 

Social media platforms are on the rise nowadays. People are more focused on sharing their personal moments through different social media platforms.

This means that if you have a product,

it is important to make sure that the packaging has some element of uniqueness

about them so as to attract customers and get them an interest in your products for easy selling online or offline too.

The Final Thought 

Packaging is one of the most important aspects of marketing your playing cards.

The packaging will be what people see first and foremost,

so you want it to stand out from anything else they might find on a store shelf or website. When designing your custom card box, you can have custom sleeve boxes and try using different illustrations for each suit and varying finishing styles like a glossy finish, cello finish, and matte finish depending on the type of material used (paperboard?).

If you want to make sure that your customers share their experience

with friends and family online via social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram,

opt for an eye-catching design that looks too plain.

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