Promotional Paper Weight: A Memento to Remember for a Long Time

Promotional Paper Weight

A small and heavy object which is used for stopping any paper from blowing away is called paperweight. Though this purpose can be served by any object yet decorative paperweights with beautiful glassworks are bring used. These paperweights are also designed with different company logos which acts as a promotional paper weight. Promotional paper weights serve as an ideal giveaway at any kind of corporate event, celebratory evenings and exhibitions.

Using small items like paper weight for promotional purposes results in some benefits like accelerating revenue prospects. This personalised table accessory is convenient, eye-catching and also useful for sending specific messages to clients. These promotional paper weights are available in India in a wide range of prices, styles and custom designs.

Features of Promotional Paper Weight

• Using promotional paper weight in an office or any meeting table is a creative approach for putting the organisation or business’s important information to the mainstream of the supportive or purchasing community.

• According to the chosen design, style and materials, the promotional paper weight provides enough space for advertising.

• These decorative yet personalised paper weights have space for not only the institution’s logo but also the address, contact numbers and even website particulars.

• Promotional business paper weights with sophisticated outlooks create a remarkable first impression.

Impressing with Promotional Paper Weight

Engraved and improved paper weight make an innovative way to promote a business or rewarding a promising employee or a star performer of the company. Any sort of personalised gift gives the present a different edge. Following are the reasons why promotional paper weights are a good idea.

• Promotional paper weights act in a versatile way. They make the gifts high end and also makes them cost-effective. Therefore, a promotional paler weight makes the selection of gifts a win-win decision for the giver.

• Rewarding the best employee or a star performer of a company with a company logo engraved, personalised paper weight boosts his/her enthusiasm. Also appreciating a long service year of an employee with a memento like promotional paper weight serves the purpose of celebration as well as promotional.

• Crystal paper weights with a presto made on it is an ideal tombstone on an auspicious event, while celebrating any big achievement, for thanksgiving to a project team or even on the retirement of an employee.

Trade and Commerce

There are a number of recognised and reputed promotional paperweight supplier India. They claim of offering premium quality promotional paper weights to their clients at a highly competitive rate. These companies also customise these paper weights in different colours and shapes, as per the requirements of the customers. They offer paper weights which are pretty appealing as per the unique designs. The paper weights of weight more than 300 grams can even be attached with logos.

These companies acquire the products from reputed and trustworthy vendors that make these suppliers highly popular. These paper weight suppliers also look after customer satisfaction to a great extent. They provide prompt logistical services at the agreed time. They claim of catering to different leading brands on their promotional events.


Promoting a business with promotional paper weights is always a good idea, for it always stays on the table and is therefore noticeable to every visitor. Also, it is a smarter way of gifting an employee or a long term client for making them feel appreciated and important.

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