Quick And Easy Facial Hair Removal Methods

facial hair

Facial hair could be extremely annoying. Especially when you have an event coming up and find a swamp of hair around your eyebrows and upper lips. Removing facial hair requires major time and money investment, especially in methods like waxing and laser hair removal.

Manufacturers of eyebrow tweezers and hair removing threads aim at creating easy-to-use devices to remove hair quickly and efficiently. Here we discuss some methods you can use to remove your facial hair when in a hurry.


A variety of electrical devices have now made it to the market as hair removal aids. These epilating devices usually consist of rows and columns of thin and small blades organized in a specific manner.

After connecting your device to an electric supply, you can easily remove the hair by gliding the bladed area across your face. Epilators efficiently remove hair by either cutting off the tapered end or pulling the hair from the root. They give you smooth hairless skin and exfoliate simultaneously.


Eyebrow tweezer suppliers ensure that their product has sharp edges for quick and painless hair removal. When in a hurry, just pick up your tweezing device and start pulling. Your irregular eyebrows can be quickly fixed with a pair of tweezers.

The use of tweezers is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is find the hair that needs to be removed, locate its entry point and fix the tweezer blades right at the edge of the hair. If the correct technique is applied, there will be no pain associated with hair removal.


Threading is slowly becoming obsolete due to the pain and redness it can cause. However, if you know how to do it, it is a pretty quick and trouble-free method to remove facial hair. If you can not do it yourself, get professional help. Make sure to use toners and moisturize afterward to avoid irritating the skin.

Waxing strips

Whereas hot wax and traditional waxing can be cumbersome, the introduction of waxing strips has brought so much convenience to this method. The strips already have a layer of waxing liquid on them. When used for the face, the strips can be cut into smaller pieces according to the area and dimensions of the skin that needs to be covered.

After sticking it on the skin, rub it to ensure optimal attachment of the hair to wax and then pull in a single speedy motion. However, this method should not be used consistently, as it can stretch the skin beyond its barrier and cause wrinkles in the long run.


And lastly, if nothing else seems to feel right, shaving can come to the rescue. A scare has been created around the idea of facial shaving, even though this method is completely safe. Myths like shaving make the hair grow thicker and increases the number of hairs is just products of misinformation.

The tapered end of hair is removed in shaving, as opposed to the complete hair removal from the root in other methods. For this reason, the hair may grow back without a tapered end causing them to appear thicker, but they don’t actually become thick. Make sure to use toning solutions and moisturizers after each shave to avoid irritation.

So if you are struggling with constant facial hair growth, try one of the above-mentioned methods. Each one of them needs minimal expenditure but does their job efficiently. For a quick solution to your facial hair, get your hand on a pair of tweezers, epilator or waxing strips. Olfen Beauty is a well-known eyebrow tweezer manufacturer in the USA that also makes custom-made products according to your specific needs.

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