Rebirth of Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is a prominent trend in fashion — and has been for quite some time. The pleasure of finding exclusive pieces from another era expresses to many shoppers looking to proclaim their individual style while upholding a more viable form of fashion. However, if you’re relatively new to vintage, the quality, quantity and types of vintage clothing out there can seem mind-boggling and perplexing.

Shopping for vintage inspired clothing wholesale is an adventure and a great way to find unique pieces. You never know what you’re going to discover in order to develop your own unique style. Whether you’re looking for vintage clothing wholesalers to provide your clothing store with high quality vintage clothing, it’s crucial to know some basics about buying vintage in bulk.

Ensure the clothing is really vintage

In the world of vintage, one can find modern day items which are made to look vintage in order to be priced at higher values. But you should analyse the difference between something which is actually vintage and modern-made.

Check the fabric composition as most of the vintage clothing will be made of one fabric type only. Items that are made with a blended fabric like rayon and cotton or rayon and polyester tend to be modern day.

Check the hardware such as Zippers, buttons, snaps were generally of higher quality in past years. Clothing produced before 1963 are made with metal zippers. Modern day items are usually made of plastic.

Look at the tag as well as the logo. If you don’t recall the logo or if the logo is different from what you’re used to seeing for that brand, it’s a positive sign it may be vintage.

Purchase high quality vintage clothing

If you own a store of Ladies Vintage Dresses Wholesale, you must ensure that the purchases made are of high quality in order to keep your customers happy and satisfied. Don’t purchase vintage clothing at cheap prices to make a good profit as it may leave your customer unhappy and affect your sales.

Determine the quality of the fabric closely before making the purchase by checking there are no holes, tears, stains or faded colours.

Opt for vintage designer clothing brands which offer high quality items as compared to non-designer brands.

Purchase vintage clothing as per the taste of the customers

Before making a bulk purchase of vintage clothing, make sure it is the type that your customers will enjoy. If most of your clients are females then you should purchase retro vintage dresses wholesale in bulk that were popular during that era. If you choose to have a vintage shop with 50’s or 60’s or 70’s then purchases should represent items and styles from that decade. It is quite essential to analyse your customers and their style before making any purchases.

Look for quality Wholesale Clothing

If you want to quality from your Retro Vintage dress wholesaler , then looking for wholesalers in the UK will be very helpful as there are many dealers in the UK which can offer you great deals on bulk purchases. Use internet and trading websites to search for vintage clothing wholesalers.

Understand the supplier’s sizing information

Before purchasing vintage clothing in bulk, it’s important to understand what you are buying and in which sizes. American sizes are different from the sizes of other countries. A woman’s vintage dress in small size might be labelled as a 6 in US while in UK it’s labelled as a 8. Always check the sizing information and check the clothing size conversion chart to ensure appropriate purchases are made.

Always compare quotes from different wholesalers

Don’t stop looking even if you find a vintage clothing wholesaler, there are many options available in the market. It is possible to find the same piece of clothing at some other place at a comparatively lower price. So, always look and compare prices from different wholesalers in order to make your purchase with full prudence.

Always ask for any discounts or deals from vintage clothing wholesalers

It is a good practice to ask the seller whether there is any discount? Especially when you are making a bulk purchase, don’t forget to try your luck by asking for any deal from the supplier. It is possible you might find great products at discounted prices. No one wants to lose business, therefore in order to compete in the market there are chances vintage clothing suppliers might give some discount.

Final Words To make it easy to order wholesale vintage clothing. Simply visit the online website to browse the exclusive collection of vintage clothing as per your specific needs. You can even choose to handpick your order in order to ensure high quality fabric. Whatever you choose, you’ll be working with a trusted source who can assist you support the movement toward more sustainable fashion.

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