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We already know how important a tyre is in the life of a vehicle. The tyres are the only contact of the vehicle to the surface that is why they endure the challenges of the road as well as support the vehicle for better performance. Your new vehicle comes with a new set of tyres. But after a while they also need replacement. Let us discuss here when you need a replacement as well as which tyre you should buy for the better performance of your vehicle.


You never know when you will need a tyre replacement because some of the causes are so minor that we don’t even notice them. That is why we ask you to take your tyre for regular service.


The age of the Tyres London is one of the most important things that one must acknowledge before purchasing a tyre. A new tyre will give you better and improved performance whereas an older tyre or a worn-out tyre will require replacement sooner than expected. If you maintain your tyres well, it will offer its service for at least 5 years. Maintaining a tyre often increases the life expectancy of a tyre. So always buy a tyre that is still young, in tyre years that is, below 6 months.

Worn out tyre

Continuous rubbing of tyre on the surface leads to wearing of the tread that happens to every tyre and you don’t have to worry if anything is wrong with your tyre. Although your tread depth must be more than 1.6mm. Below that they need replacement.

Uneven wear

When the inflation of a tyre is inappropriate it tends to wear unevenly. Treads are important for the gripping of the tyre on the road and that is why they must be evenly wearing or they can lead you to unfortunate incidents.

Badly damaged tyre

Tyres already bare enough stress and if you are jumping over potholes or driving recklessly, you can damage them. Keep a check on damaged tyres because you might need a replacement.

Cracks or bruises

Keep rotating your tyres after an interval because tyres can build up crack if they and left unrotated for a long time which can lead you into a serious situation.

Unrepairable flat

Punctures are common because roads are full of debris such as small nails, twigs, glass shards etc. a puncture is easy to fix. But if you face a flat tyre then you need a tyre replacement.


Tyres offers you a different range of tyres, from different prices to size, treads etc. you can keep whichever tyre suits your need. Choosing the right tyre is important as that tyre will be responsible for the performance of the tyre. Look through the following pointers before you go off to purchase a tyre.


Tyres are expensive and manufacturers understand that. That is why they mention the right size tyre as per your car model in the car manual. You must buy the right size of tyre. If you neglect that you might need a sooner replacement because after a while it won’t be offering you performance. Besides that, it will also impact your vehicle.

Weather condition

Seasonal tyres are a range of tyres whose special designs offer you performance in different weather conditions. As long as you buy a tyre that is right for the weather condition, you are good to go. Bridgestone Tyres London presents you with winter tyres(below 7°C), summer tyres(above 7°C) and all-season tyres(moderate warm and cold conditions, above 4°C).

Tread pattern

The Tread of the tyre comprises sipes, ribs, tread blocks and grooves whose unique presentation on different tyres gives us three different tread patterns. You can notice the change of design that a car leaves behind on the ground. That is because of different treads. They are asymmetric tread pattern, directional tread pattern and symmetric tread pattern.

Rubber material and compound

The rubber material should have the quality to resist overheating. A better quality rubber material also extends the longevity of the tyre. The rubber compound depends on which seasonal tyre it is. Winter tyre has a rubber compound that makes them stay soft enough so that they can easily move on a hard icy surface. Whereas the rubber compound of summer tyre lets the rubber stay hard enough so that it won’t blow out in hot summers.

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